The Fusions situation has hung over the Uprising all week. Would the upstart rookie get his contract solved before Thursday’s match? Enter Christopher “Huk” Lorringer, President of Gaming for the Boston Uprising. With the news that Fusions would be good to go for Thursday, someone had to alert the Seoul Dynasty and Toronto Defiant of what was in store for them this weekend:

I know what you’re thinking: not all heroes wear capes. I agree. Well, with shots fired, would anyone respond?

Ok now we’ve got us gunfight. Well, who’s gonna lay down a killing blow?

Ooof. Huk taking their words and not just making a early naught’s pop culture reference but matching the colors. It actually spun my head on a swivel when I realized the two point diss that Huk dropped in one Tweet. Hmmm. Well – would Toronto respond or just lay down and ask for their belly to get rubbed?

Kawhi Leonard? You pointing to Kawhi Leonard. Well, I couldn’t let the general of the army do all the dirty work. I’m just a foot soldier in this war, but I’ll come in when my number is called.

As of this moment Toronto has gone quiet. An amber alert has been signaled and the missing persons report has been filed. Please keep your eye out for the Defiant. If you see something, say something.