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With two matches left in Stage 1, Boston has to take advantage of each map if they want to keep their Stage 1 playoffs dream alive. With several teams hovering at or above the .500 mark, the 2-3 Uprising can’t afford to give a map. Remember, after wins/losses, rank is determined by head-to-head, then map differential. With that pressure surround them, Boston faced off this week against the 1-4 Florida Mayhem. Fans of the Boston Uprising have reason to feel confident. Let’s take a look at how the match played out.


On control, Florida sent out BQB on the Sombra. Considering how well Aimgod and Kellex did against Seoul last week when they played Sombra – no reason to be afraid, right? Boston starts off by getting wiped off the point, but quickly rebound with Fusions scoring a triple kill to recap the point. BQB certainly lived up to his reputation as an upper tier Sombra, hitting a 6 person EMP on two separate occasions. However, Boston manages their ult economy better, and without a DVa, Colourhex has free reign to patiently aim his graviton surge without impunity. Boston smoothly cruises to a 100% – 63% stage win.

EMPs continue to plague Boston on stage two – the whole team gets hit on another two separate occasions. Unfortunately for Florida, they weren’t able to capitalize on them like NYXL or Shanghai did. Boston continued to play well behind Fusions. This stage was never close as Boston swept the map 100% – 47%.


Boston started in hybrid mode on offense and faced little resistance until trying to round the final corner towards the final point. Through their first two pushes, the corner seemed to be an impenetrable wall. That is, until Note decided to do what he’d been doing since the start of the match – pop some self-destructs. He and Colourhex worked a Graviton/Self-Destruct combo for a double kill that snowballed the point with over 2 minutes left.

In an act of either outrageous courage or complete ignorance, Florida starts with a Wrecking Ball and is stomped. Getting demolished with the hamster hampered them throughout the attack. Behind in ultimates, out of position, and seemingly headed toward a full hold.

Then, with 40 seconds left, Xepher hits a self destruct that followed up a big earth shatter. Two of the Uprising go down to keep the map going. But father time remains undefeated, and the Mayhem fails to get the final point. Boston wins 3-2.

Horizon Lunar Colony

Coming out of halftime, Boston seemed as dominant as many expected them to be. It seemed like a full sweep was inevitable. Starting on offense, the Uprising forced their way onto A and dominate it. An attempt at a snowball fails. Fusions lands a great shatter on the team’s second push for Point B, but Florida responded in kind with their own ults. With 4 minutes left in the time bank.

Florida’s turn on offense starts with them putting BQB back on the Sombra to scout and pester the backline. In fact, BQB hacks Aimgod and takes him out which snowballs to an easy point A cap. Yikes. BQB has the EMP ready as they look for the quick snowball and he hits it on all but the supports. Unfortunately, that small victory is a hollow one as they lack the ults to counter it. Mayhem finally take advantage and roll Boston for the quick Point B cap and 6 – 4 minute advantage in the time bank.

Back on offense, the Uprising get pushed back in their first capture attempt. Several poke battles and ult exchanges drain their time but the Uprising capture Point A with just over a minute left. Fortunately, they snowball straight into a Point B capture with just over a minute left in the time bank. The math starts looking pretty bad for Boston and the need for a strong defensive hold is critical.

Florida takes their turn on offense, again putting BQB on Sombra. He tries to split the Uprising in half by back capping and gets a tick before Note engages. The Mayhem take point A with minimal resistence. BQB hits a big EMP on Point B but Kellex is there with the Sound Barrier – finally! Great team fights erupt on Point B that Boston keeps winning. Scrappy fights that see tanks go down early on both sides, and the Uprising somehow able to squeak out coordinated fights to win. Notably, Fusions goes super aggressive and pushes through the choke point to buy some time. Though Boston eventually succumbs as Florida caps Point B – boy did they suck up some time. Florida’s time advantage disappears as both teams get just over a minute for their next attack.

Boston caps point A with their turn on offense after winning a drawn out, pick-for-pick fight. Surprisingly, Fusions is one of the first to go down, but is able to make it back to the point as Wrecking Ball. His flexibility pays off as he pile drives enough of the Mayhem to help cap the point. With nearly no time or ults, Boston makes a weak push onto Point B that Florida repels.

Having to get through Point A and earn a tick on Point B to keep the match alive, Florida rolls out BQB on Sombra again. This time, Note’s directionless pray and spray pays off as he nicks Sombra in the room below the staircase. Pinning him there, the entire Uprising are able to coordinate against Florida’s push. After a quick brawl the Uprising repel the attack and win the map!


Though the match is won, Boston clearly have their eye on their overall map differential and its role in securing them a Stage 1 playoffs spot. No time to take their foot off the pedal. BQB takes the Sombra role on defense and holds his EMP for what seems like forever. Which was appropriate as the Mayhem seemingly were having their way with Boston. Once BQB hits it, the EMP lands on both supports to cause a team wipe. Boston takes forever to finally get a good push on the payload that starts with Fusion landing a triple kill. Another double kill by Fusions on the top platform by Point B helps propel them through. Boston is unable to get the payload through to the end, and suddenly the brooms have to go back into the closet for the moment.

BQB comes out on offense on Sombra. Boston seems better prepared for it this time, as Kellex and Aimgod nervously play the backline to avoid the EMP. Poor time management by Florida happens when they traverse the long way around on Point B. Florida starts cruising though and it looks like they may play the spoiler role. However, Aimgod gets a big pick on BQB as time runs low right after point B. As overtime starts and BQB hits a big 5 player EMP – Aimgod swoops in with the transcend just like the coach drew it up. A few gravs, shatters, and every other ult gets thrown in, and Boston wins the map, match, and earns the 4-0 sweep!


A 4-0 sweep is what most pundits and fans were expecting, and none left disappointed. Florida’s chaotic season continued as Boston showed their coordination, leadership, and strategy can guide them through a match. There’s a lot here to like as an Uprising fan:

  • Fusions playing aggressive as ever continues to be the centerpiece of the team. I’m thinking specifically of his push on defense towards the end of Horizon Lunar Colony. Down on ults, Florida with plenty of time, and what does he do? Meets the Mayhem at the choke off the point.
  • Note was handing out double kills with self-destructs like candy on halloween. I’ve been a bit critical throughout the season on this point, so this is me eating my hat and giving credit where it’s due.
  • We see you Kellex – dropping the beat emote before Numbani started, getting boops to ruin the Mayhem’s positioning (especially the one when they went around for high ground on Horizon), and hiding from the Sombra with Sound Barrier ready to go. Unheralded performance.
  • I think Blase wants to fast forward to the next patch – him on Doomfist before a Dorado started (and on Jayne’s Pro PUGS) clearly indicates he wants back in on the DPS bandwagon.
  • This was a small little detail – but did anyone notice the Uprising going through the high ground on Point A of Numbani? They have faked the high ground and gone low every time this season. I like that they’re not afraid to switch things up and ruin any VOD studying the other team may be doing.
Your match MVP

Things weren’t all sun and rainbows, though. Here are some things to think about as we look towards our last matchup next week of stage 1:

  • I thought our counters against the Sombra were okay. Yes, by the end of the nigh,t by the time we hit Dorado and Horizon Lunar Colony, we did fine. But if you weren’t nervous after Busan you weren’t watching. Good on the Uprising’s coaching to rally Kellex and Aimgod during halftime and turn them around.
  • Horizon Lunar colony got too tight for my liking. Getting snowballed on defense and having wave after wave held back was not what anyone wanted to see. While it was impressive to see Boston turn the tide through a long map like that – it never should have gotten that far.

Overall the night went Boston’s way and put the Uprising in position to sneak into the Stage 1 playoffs. They need to take care of business against Dallas and may need help from some other teams. Fans will be biting their nails all weekend as we work through the scenarios and probabilities through each match. Strap yourself in fans, we’re just about hitting the final climb as we brace for the big drop to hit!

We see you Stage 1 playoffs….

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