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Well that’s not how anybody drew it up. After a month long break to think about getting reverse swept by the lowly Washington Justice, the Uprising launch Stage 3 against the London Spitfire and Paris Eternal. One pretty great team and a fellow mid-tier team. What could go wrong? Turns out, everything.

The Good

The Bad

I thought we’d turned the corner on winter, but the snowballing keeps coming. Against Paris on Paris (weird sentence) it seemed like Boston had no answer once they dropped point A. Letting Paris get on a roll like that gave them confidence it was a one point map, which doesn’t help when teams are going three laps a match.

I’ve watched that offense play on Horizon against London four times now (not hard when the whole map is 12 minutes long). Not sure what was worse – Fusions/Blase taking turns getting picked first, or Persia’s ill-timed Transcendences. Getting obliterated like that on the second map was not a good look. Alemao also got picked right as the tides were starting to turn. The two newbies need to pick it up.

Getting one point on Eichenwelde and the same on Dorado against London was soul crushing. Those offensive pushes were hard to watch. You could tell that London’s coordination and synergy were on point. Once Fury ate Colourhex’s grav after BU’s first cap, the sense of dread just filled the arena.

The Uprising

Was great to see some of the other players on the team get a start. Persia, who just landed in the US weeks ago. Alemao – who hasn’t been seen since Stage 1 Week 1. Wonder if Axxiom will get his due.

Weird observation here, but the Uprising’s social media team may have taken a nap this week – they usually post some plays from the games during the matches. All I see are score updates. Give me something!

Seeing as the Ilios was the only map the Uprising won this weekend, let’s appreciate what they did there. They focused the supports extremely well. I saw a lot of rotations from Fusions and Colourhex to pull away from the front line when their health dropped. Well timed ults. That’s what’s so frustrating – these guys know how to play – they just couldn’t do it through the course of two matches.

Boston plays Paris again in Week 3 of this stage, and has two matches against the Philadelphia Fusion. Other than Houston next week, there aren’t any gimme games. There is no time to waste if Boston wants to get it together. Making stage playoffs after opening 0-2 isn’t easy, but as I’ve written, the year end playoffs are the focus. Boston can’t get out of the top 12 or they are cooked.

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