If you’re a basketball fan, you know what March is all about. And although it won’t last longs, those few weeks are pure basketball heaven. Forget about the NBA, the March Madness ladder is likely one of the most exciting things you can experience. But unfortunately, it will soon end (or it already did, depending on when you’re reading this), so what can you do? Well, maybe we can help you out with a couple of cool basketball games advice.

We picked our top 3 and some of them we’ve been playing rigorously for a long time. But we wanted to provide more options so we started digging deep into different app stores. And that’s where we found the top 3 we’ll review.

NBA Live Mobile Basketball – It’s NBA And We Love It

Although EA might not be the most lovable gaming company at the moment, if we put that aside, this is a pretty good basketball game. We love how they manage to bring the console version to the mobile phone in almost every aspect. You can play full 4 quarter times with every single NBA team, you can trade players and you can also climb your way to the playoffs. Finally, the graphics are good enough so you can easily recognize your favorite players and feel like as if you’re on the court.

With all the glorifying aside, the game isn’t perfect. As of the moment of writing this review, you can’t play with friends which is unfortunate. Also, the game runs on the same engine as any other big mobile game these days. What we mean by this is you have a hard time as a beginner and the game gives useful rewards only to the big players. We do realize there has to be a sort of hierarchy, but people are playing games because they want to have fun, not because it’s a job, right? To wrap it up, the game would be even better if there was a way for new players to feel the glory and not just the hardship of grinding.

Stickman Basketball – Why So Serious?

And speaking of fun, whoever said a great basketball game has to be super serious and accurate? Why not make it simple, funny and crazy. Although a bit older game, we found this game while randomly searching for good basketball games. We stumbled upon a helpful list of the best basketball games we think it’s good enough to share if you want to check more options.

Best Basketball Games

And this is where we found Stickman Basketball. There are no real NBA players, there’s no trading and there aren’t even real human players – it’s stickmen we’re talking about here. But that’s exactly what gives it this cool feel. The game is a perfect example of how something can be simple and still shine in comparison to more serious games. If you need a quick time off and just have fun, this game is a great choice.

Nevertheless, we did notice that the game might be a bit too fun. What we mean by this, once you figure out how to fool the enemy team, even the pro level because easy. It’s as if you discovered how to cheat the system but it is too easy. Although we’re playing it still today, we no longer players for 30 minutes per session, but maybe 5 to 10 minutes and that’s it. But, it’s still a game worth trying out.

Basketball Stars – So Many Options

It’s hard to believe there can be an alternative to a normal game of basketball that provides more, but that’s exactly the case with Basketball Stars. It’s just so hard to explain. It’s much more simple than regular NBA games. You either play or shoot the basket. But boy, there are millions of way to do a couple of things. You can customize players in infinite ways,   enough game modes to satisfy even the most hardcore basketball fans and performing crazy dunks feels so good and satisfying.

The one thing we didn’t like is that versus mode feels a bit weird. We know we are no close to being the best players of these games, but sometimes, we can’t escape the feeling it’s “rigged”. And we don’t mean by the developers but from players. For example, you can make the same type of shot the other player is doing and not land it in millions of years. But unlike you, the opposing player does it like it’s nothing. We’re not sure if it’s just us, but it does happen.


And there you go, these are our top 3 basketball mobile games currently out there. You can play them no matter if you have iOS or Android, so no worries of getting cut off from one of the games. Although watching a real basketball game is way more fun, when the final buzzer hits, you can continue the excitement.

We hope you found our reviews useful and before we end the article, we hope you’ll enjoy the games as much as we did. Thanks for reading.