Among boxing’s greatest prospects looks to put herself world title standing since Devin Haney struggles Zaur Abdullaev at a WBC final eliminator on Friday, Sept. 1-3 from the Hulu Theater in Madison Square Garden, go on DAZN. The winner sets himself prime position to handle combined lightweight champ Vasiliy Lomachenko.

Haney vs Abdullaev Live Stream

To Night beginning at 7 pm, ET resides on DAZN at the USA and Sky Sports in Britain, Devin Haney News a card in Madison Square Garden’s Hulu Theater at New York, confronting Zaur Abdullaev to its interim WBC lightweight title.

Haney vs Abdullaev Live Stream Free Full Fight Online

Haney and Abdullaev had no problems hitting on the mark while they came in at 134.6 pounds. Devin Haney has enormous aims. He has been hungering to get a world title shot, and he has announced he could be at Vasiliy Lomachenko, the very best fighter on the planet. Though Haney is 20 years of age, he is seeking to create a large effect in boxing. However, his struggle Friday vs. Zaur Abdullaev, that is live-streamed on DAZN, won’t is easy.

Following both fighters believed they participated in a powerful stare down. Haney and Abdullaev were dragged off by their various camps.

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Haney vs Abdullaev Live Stream

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Sky Sports

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