David Price Is A Full-Time Complainer

Via CBS Sports

I swear there is always something with this $31 million dollar pitcher. All David Price does is complain about everything like a little kid. These are David Price weaknesses. Fresh cut grass and dogs, however, he has two of them. Cats, cold weather, Video Games, pitching in Texas against the Rangers, Pitching against the Yankees, and he can’t pitch in the postseason. I’m sorry but that does not sound like a guy who is ready to pitch on a big league team. Price couldn’t pitch a bullpen in Texas on Sunday because of allergies. Like seriously take a Claritin or Zyrtec and just pitch. Price sounds like a little kid who wants attention negative or positive.

David Price Is  A Joke


Price spoke to the media today and it was classic Price. He won’t play Fortnite in the clubhouse anymore because of the talk it has made these last few days. Price also said playing Fornite isn’t the cause of his Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. If that wasn’t true he’d still be playing it in the clubhouse. Also, him complaining about the laundry detergent the Tampa Bay Rays used when he was playing for them. The Rays had to wash Price’s clothes separately. What a disaster! Price is nothing but a baby and a complete waste of money like Pablo Sandoval, Carl Crawford, and Adrian Gonzalez. I want to know what’s going to happen in October when the weather is cold, the allergies start kicking in and Price can’t pitch. That would put a dagger in the starting rotation.

Boy, does Alex Cora have his hands full with David Price. You would think with a new manager Price would want to turn things around. Nope, he wants to act like a teenage girl and be a complete drama queen. I, personally, am done to hear his constant complaining about the weather, and his dogs, cats and not liking it here. All I want, along with the rest of Red Sox Nation, is for him to shut up, pitch and win games.