The fact Manny Machado is still in a Baltimore Orioles uniform is a concern. Mainly because Machado was predicted to be traded this past off-season. Rumors circulated that Machado could have been dealt to the Yankees, and thank God we avoided that nightmare. So the question is, “If traded, where will Manny Machado land?” That destination has to be the Los Angeles Dodgers, and the timing for that to happen is inevitable.

A Surprise Job Opening

Let’s take a little trip back in time. In September 2015, the Dodgers called up a twenty-one year old shortstop named Corey Seager. Since then, you can say he has been their guy with the bat and in the field. Seager hit .337 in that one month during 2015 and possessed a .949 fielding percentage. In 2016, however, Seager really made his mark. In his first full season, Seager accumulated a .308 BA with 27 home runs and 72 RBI’s. He also took home National League Rookie of the Year honors, a Silver Slugger and an All-Star appearance in 2016 as well. In 2017, Seager was also on the All-Star Game roster and a Silver Slugger award winner for a consecutive year.

So Corey Seager’s pretty good at baseball and has been the backbone of the Dodgers since his emergence in the league. This season however, Seager’s season was cut short due to after being diagnosed with Tommy John and needing surgery which ended his 2018 campaign.  With a huge hole in the Dodgers lineup a move must be made to replace Corey Seager. That move has to be bringing Manny Machado to Los Angeles.

Could It Happen?

Machado, who is now a shortstop, is an ideal fit for the club, and it’s a no-brainer. Machado is entering his final season with Baltimore and is looking to take his talents elsewhere. With Baltimore clearly in a rebuilding stage and the Dodgers possessing one of the top farm systems, it will surely benefit both clubs. With Machado going to Los Angeles, it would provide some bright prospects in the Dodgers organization to benefit a ball club like the Orioles.

Machado replacing Corey Seager is an ideal situation that needs to happen. Although the Braves and Yankees could be possible destinations as well, this deal would seem to make the most sense. If a deal is not made by Los Angeles and Baltimore it would be a waste of an opportunity for both clubs.