Would Jimmy Garoppolo sign an extension with the New England Patriots?

Talk about a curve most wouldn’t expect—but then again, is it really so crazy given the seemingly endless rich-get-richer vibe around the Patriots?

Maybe not. And Garoppolo didn’t exactly slam the door shut on the idea in a recent interview, according to NFL.com’s Chris Wesseling:

“I’ll entertain any possibility,” Garoppolo explained. “I’m not really thinking about it too much right now. There’s just so much going on with OTAs and training camp right around the corner. That’s where my focus is. We’ll cross that bridge when we get there, I guess.”

He didn’t stop there, then extending praise to those around him and his overall situation:

“I love it (here),” Garoppolo said. “It’s a very fortunate situation to come into a place and get drafted here. They’re good people all around the building, from support staff to the lunch ladies and everything. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s just a good group of people and it rubs off on each other.”

That doesn’t sound like a guy who necessarily wants to leave any time soon. And Garoppolo knows how good he has it—Tom Brady will retire sooner or later and the job will be his in what should be a rather smooth transition, based on his learning for years and strong play a year ago. If any of this is true, then picking up Jimmy G in a keeper league could be one of the best Fantasy Football tips.

The problem is money. Garoppolo is in a position to demand huge cash despite his backup role because teams would easily sign him for starter money on the market. If the Patriots want an assurance he’ll be around when Brady decides to retire, they’ll likely have to offer the same amount despite his not taking a snap.

So yes, Garoppolo certainly sounds open to the idea of an extension. The question now remains for the Patriots as to whether or not they actually want to move forward with signing him to a long-term deal. Tom Brady shows no signs of decline even though he is over 40 years of age. Does it make sense for the Patriots to lock up so much money at one position, even if quarterback is the most important position in the entire NFL? Think of the team that they could potential put together around Brady if they took the money that Garoppolo will command and used it to bolster other areas of the team like the receiving corps or offensive line. Only one quaterback can play at a time, so the Patriots would have millions of dollars of salary tied up on the sideline if Garoppolo was being paid as the league’s most expensive backup. At the same time, you can never have too much insurance against injury. Tom Brady won’t be able to play forever and having the security of a proven entity like Garoppolo on the sideline will make Patriots fans rest easier if TB12 ever goes down with an injury. These are just some of the many questions facing the New England Patriots and only Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft will be able to answer them.