James White has become an integral part of the juggernaut that is the New England Patriots offense.  Drafted in 2014, White quickly demonstrated that he would be a special member of this team.

He’s even had a few memorable plays, ya know, like this one?

Can’t Beat Sweet Feet

A multiple threat, running back White has delivered on the biggest stage and evolved in to a fan favorite; for his on- and off-field actions.

White recently took over as as the face of Mayo Bowl, the highly successful charity event benefitting Boston Medical Center  hosted by former Patriots linebacker Jerod Mayo.

Boston Sports Extra spoke with ‘Sweet Feet’ White about Mayo Bowl, the state of affairs with the Pats and his inability to lose.  We even coerced him into a little game we titled ‘One Word with White’.

When we talked with James, he was enjoying his one-day-off-per-week Tuesday (I actually think he just woke up), and immediately demonstrated the quality seemingly all Patriots players possess; the inability to share ANY inside information.  We had some fun anyway.

James gets White to the point

Boston Sports Extra: James, thanks for speaking with us.  Right out of the gate, I need to ask what is on everyone’s mind; injuries.  The Patriots are plagued with injuries to several key contributors.  What’s the situation in the locker room?  Any panic or change of game plan?

JW: No, we just take one day at a time.  We look at the situation, and make changes.  Yeah, some key guys are hurt, but they just keep rehabbing so they can all get back on the fieldNext man up.

(Oh boy, this interview is already feeling very Belichick-ian)

Boston Sports Extra: With these injuries, you and others need to step up and create plays.  You caught eight balls last week, only two– rush attempts. Is this what we can plan to see out of the Patriots while you have some key guys on the sidelines?

JM: Like I said, guys just need to step up and do what we have to do.  Next man up, that’s how we all need to be.

Boston Sports Extra: Sure, but this has to impact how you prepare and practice?  Shift from normal game planning?

JW: I don’t control the practices.  That’s Bill and Josh’s jobs.  I just do what I do.  They coach.

(Jesus, this guy might be worse than B.B. at the podium)

Boston Sports Extra: OK, this line of question is not working.  You are a career-long Patriot and you had an incredibly successful college career (at Wisconsin) and in high school (at St. Thomas Aquinas in Florida).  Question.  Do you know how to lose football games?

JW: Ha,ha.  Yes, I have been very blessed and fortunate in my career as a player.  I have been a part of great teams.  All of them seemed to possess the same qualities.  The common thread was being a tight- knit group.  Working hard every day.  All these teams I played on had those qualities.

(Yup, this guy is actually a robot spun out of a lab at Gillette Stadium)

Boston Sports Extra: Last question before we talk about Mayo Bowl.  Tom Brady robbed you of the MVP in SuperBowl 51.  We all know that.  But did you ever think “pitch sweep right” would be the call that would win the greatest Super Bowl in history?

JW: (awkward, uncomfortable giggle/throat clear about Brady comment) I never would have thought I would be in that position.  I am so thankful for that opportunity and that it worked out the way it.  It was incredible and I was lucky to be a part of it.

We’re on to Mayo Bowl

Boston Sports Extra: Talk about Mayo Bowl this Monday night.

JW: Sure,  I am really excited to be taking this event on, on behalf of Jerod and (his wife) Chantel.  He thought I would be a good candidate and I have been working with him and Blue Sky to create another great evening. They have raised $1.6 million dollars since it started; $485,000 just last year.  I am very lucky.  Not to mention, Boston Medical Center is such a wonderful place.  I have visited there many times and it is just such a caring place to children.  Proud to be taking this on.  I have come to love the Boston community since coming here.

‘One Word with White’

Boston Sports Extra: Alright James, time for the tough questions.  Came up with a little game called ‘One Word with White’.  Based on all your other brief answers, this should be a piece of cake.  Or will it?  I will provide an adjective and you to name the teammate that best fits that description.

JW: Oh man.

Boston Sports Extra: You ready?  Here we go.

(there was a long pause and many ‘ums’ and ‘ah’s’ throughout these next series of questions.  He was feeling the ‘hot seat’.)

Which teammate or coach is…

BSE: Funniest?

JW Ahhhhhhh….I mean.  I don’t know.

BSE: Come on, man, this is the easy one!

JW:  Alright…Julian…and…..McCourty…I guess.

BSE: Fine. Next.  Best Dancer?

JW: Allen Branch

BSE: Best Dressed?

JW: Lot of goods ones.  I’d say Tom….and Jimmy.  Both those guys are pretty slick.

BSE: Craziest?

JW: I don’t know if I can…

BSE: Fine. Craziest on the field?

JW: James Devlin

BSE: Toughest?

JW: Dont’a Hightower

BSE: Smack talker?

JW:  Ah, probably Jules.

BSE: Superstitious?

JW:  I don’t know, but I don’t have any superstitions

Now let’s really put him on the spot

BSE: Locker smells the worst?

JW: (crazy, weird laughter) That whole place smells funky!

BSE: Drunkest after Super Bowl 51?

JW: Come on, man.

BSE: Just answer.  Give me something!


BSE: Ok, ok.  Last one.  You have to respond.  Deal?

JW: Go ahead.

BSE: Belichick, Brady and McDaniels are in a burning building and you can only save one?

JW:  Oh my God, no way I am touching that one, dude.


Well, Mr. White, I guess you win this round of ‘cat and mouse’, but I will get answers from you.

Before we hung up I informed him that I will be traveling down with the team and DraftKings on behalf of Boston Sports Extra for the Tampa Bay game on October 5th.

BSE: Maybe I will get some more answer out of you then?  Or we can arm wrestle?

JW: Maybe.


Frank McCabe is a contributing writer for Boston Sports Extra/Patriots Extra.  You can follow him on Twitter @fhmccabe