If you are an NFL fan then you likely have heard that Martellus Bennett is back in New England. The big, fun loving tight end was picked up by the Patriots on November 9th after being released by the Packers. The reason why Bennett was released is that he has a confirmed torn rotator cuff. Before you all say “oh great another broken player”, let’s look at this for what it is. I will tell you how I feel that Bennett will play through this injury and help the Patriots win.

in the AFC Championship Game at Gillette Stadium on January 22, 2017 in Foxboro, Massachusetts.


I sincerely do feel that Martellus Bennett, who could be called one of the world’s largest cheerleaders, is going to play through his rotator cuff injury. The reason why I feel that Marty can do this is fairly simple. The tear that Bennett is experiencing is located where the tendon that holds the muscles of your shoulder stable. Does this sound sore? Oh yes it does and speaking from experience it is. He can play through this injury because of the fact that he does not have to throw. The rotator cuff is more for stability of the shoulder muscles when using a throwing motion.

Now that the Patriots have two QBs I do not think Bennett will be needed. Also, the Patriots have Rob Gronkowski, Dwayne Allen, and Jacob Hollister which could easily allow Bennett to manage his snaps. Bennett would not have to do a huge amount of blocking and could be used only as desired by the offense.

A few of the movements that Bennett would be using will be painful. Catching passes over his head and lifting his arms out to full extension will be painful but definitely not anything he could not play through. I do believe that blocking would be the roughest as the muscles would be pushed hard and not be as stable as usual. This would be something that Bennett would be able to manage and handle I believe.


The rotator cuff injury, as I have said, is somewhat manageable so I say that he plays. If the Patriots and Bennett manage his snaps and allow him to play in the “safest” situation possible, then he can play. The other positive about this, if there is such a thing with an injury, is that Bennett should not be able to hurt this any worse by playing. As long as he gets the proper attention before, during, and after games then I think the “Imagination Agency” is back open for business in New England.

Bringing a player into the fold at this point of the season is normally very difficult. In this situation, you are bringing back a player who was there just last year. Picking up the plays won’t be that hard for Bennett. Definitely one of the hardest parts will be finding out how good Bennett’s snaps can be managed. Bennett’s pain tolerance is also going to be tested as well. Like I said before, I had this injury and played varsity rugby for an entire season. Yes it was painful, but so is the game in general.

Bennett will likely receive a dose of “Dr. Feelgood” before games to help him manage the pain. The whole concoction is not as sinister as it sounds. Players can often receive a pregame injection of a drug called Toradol (ketorolac) mixed with lidocaine. Ketorolac is the strongest non-narcotic pain reliever available, and also legal. Toradol can often be mixed with lidocaine which is a local anesthetic in the same family as Novocaine (that your dentist uses) to deaden pain also. This injection works almost immediately and should last for the entire game.


The main reason the Patriots could use Bennett back is to help with our red-zone TD conversions. The Patriots have been settling for too many field goals and keeping games closer then they should be. The Patriots need another tall big target in the red-zone will also take pressure off of Gronk and should also help open up some other plays.

Bennett is also a helluva lot of fun to have around. He is not a dull player to have on your roster and can bring a refreshing air of lighthearted fun. Patriot fans have seen that Bennett can be a very serious player but also can be a “riot” depending on what is needed. Let us just hope that the second semester of the “Imagination Academy” ends as good as the first one did.