Bill Belichick’s Final Year…


All these Patriot moves seem to be very clear to me what’s really going on. Yes, there’s tension. However, the media is getting fed information to hide what is really happening at Gillette Stadium. Let’s go back to McDaniels, Kraft, and Belichick’s meeting after the Super Bowl. During that meeting, according to an insider at Patriot Place, Bill Belichick told Josh that his upcoming season would be his last, and that Josh would take over next season. Now let’s look at what Josh McDaniels said when he decided to go to the Patriots. McDaniels said he needed to know what his future was going to be like, and once he found out Bill’s retirement plans it was clear that the right decision was to stay in New England.

Belichick Is Cleaning House to Give Josh a Fresh Start

Via TwitterWhat you’re seeing right now is Bill Belichick cleaning house. Belichick wants to give McDaniels a fresh start when he takes over next season. The Patriots have now parted ways with Nate Solder, Danny Amendola, Malcolm Butler, Brandin Cooks, and Dion Lewis. If that’s not cleaning house, then I don’t know what is. From what I’m being told, the media is being fed the Gronk and Brady rumors to distract from what is really going on. Bill Belichick is leaving at the end of this season. The Gronkowski and Brady news is true, however, Bill Belichick retiring is a bigger distraction. Why hasn’t a beat reporter gotten news on this yet? Why would the Patriots release that information when they can release smaller information about Gronk and Brady.

Bill Belichick is working out as many players as possible coming up in this NFL Draft. He’s doing this to draft the best players to build a team for the future. They will draft a quarterback in this draft, which is why the Brandin Cooks trade happened. When they draft a quarterback in this draft, Bill Belichick, Josh McDaniels, and Tom Brady will groom him to be a starter in a few years.

Bill Belichick Will Groom a Quarterback This Year

One year with Bill as head coach, one year with Josh as head coach, and then Brady will retire. The Patriots will be a team like they were in the 90’s. I don’t want to hear that Brady is playing to 45, all he’s doing now his concentrating on his brand and taking it year to year. Bill is sticking it to Tom by retiring after this season because of going over his head to Kraft about trading Jimmy Garoppolo. Also, he’s pretty much done everything he can accomplish as a football coach.

The Patriots Are Giving the Media Some of What Really Is Going On

Via NFL.comThe Brandin Cooks trade was another example of cleaning house. Don’t be surprised to start seeing Julian Edelman rumors starting if he doesn’t like the “Patriot Way” either. This is all so the media doesn’t find out Bill Belichick is retiring after this season. Again, the Patriots will only give the media what is in the best interest for them. Edelman could be getting sick of Belichick and the “Patriot Way”. However, the bigger rumor about Bill Belichick remains in-house, or so we thought.

I wanted to get confirmation before I put this out while Bill Belichick is making moves. It seems to be all making sense, even before the Brandin Cooks trade. I’m not sure if Brady or Gronk know this is Bill Belichick’s last season as head coach. You can believe me, or not, but the recent moves and stories being leaked out is proving my point. It’s been a great ride for Bill Belichick, and he ride off into the sunset with the five Super Bowl rings that he won in New England.