Tom Brady Endorsing Lamar Jackson

Tom Brady will go into this season being 41. Belichick knows he has to draft a quarterback this upcoming draft to be realistic. There is no way that Belichick won’t go into this season without drafting a quarterback.  It looks like Tom Brady is all in on Lamar Jackson.

On NFL Network’s Instagram, there’s a post which is what you see in the picture below. Tom Brady comments “He’s a beast!!!!” with a thumbs up emoji. Moreover, you can take this one or two ways. One, that’s who Brady wants to be his successor. Or two, he thinks the Patriots defense is horrible and Jackson would run all over the Patriots defense. Personally, I think it’s the first reason.

Lamar Jackson is a 2016 Heisman Trophy winner and can tear defense’s apart with his running game. Also, with Brady endorsing the Instagram post, it seems like he wants the Patriots to draft him. Jackson’s response on Twitter shows he’s excited when the GOAT spoke.

The Options at the Quarterback Position

The second option the Patriots could have is Sam Darnold out of USC. Furthermore, could the Patriots trade with the Cleveland Browns to take Sam Darnold number one or four overall? Belichick wants to give Josh McDaniels the best team possible when he takes over next season. Finally, there is no way Tom Brady will sign an extension. He’s done after his contract is up. If he wasn’t done, why would he be endorsing a quarterback on Instagram? Seems like Brady doesn’t know Belichick is leaving, but he realizes that it’s almost time for him to hang it up.

In addition, it would be a slap in the face to Robert Kraft and fans that thought he was going to play till 45. However, there’s no way he’s playing till he’s 45. The end of “Tom VS. Time” told you that. So who will the Patriots draft? Almost certain that remains to be seen but it will be either Lamar Jackson or Sam Darnold. Consequently, you have Nick Caserio going to all these private workouts because he knows Belichick is gone in a year. He wants to make sure who they draft will be a good fit for the Patriots’ system post-Belichick.


Cover image courtesy of Daily Snark.