Bill Belichick’s Days Numbered Has Patriots Head Coach

Via USA Today

I wrote in April that Patriots head coach Bill Belichick was retiring after this season. This was after Josh McDaniels came back to be the offensive coordinator. In April, it was all about whether or not Rob Gronkowski or Tom Brady would be coming back for the 2018 season. After Gronkowski’s dirt bike press conference, there was a meeting with Belichick, Gronkowski, and his agent Drew Rosenhaus. Gronkowski would then post a video that he would be committed to the 2018 NFL season.

With Josh McDaniels coming back, I said the Belichick would be retiring at the end of the season. It was based on the events of last year and not being able to do things he wanted to do. For example, the trade of Jimmy Garoppolo for a 41-year-old quarterback. The only difference is Brady is playing at MVP level. The right decision in Kraft’s eyes and Belichick’s was to trade him.

What Does The Extension For Josh McDaniels Mean?

With this new five year extension for Josh McDaniels as reported by NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport yesterday, you don’t pay an offensive coordinator like a head coach unless you see that coordinator becoming the next head coach in my opinion. It’s not known how many years Belichick wants to coach. When I went to training camp this summer for Boston Sports Extra, I was told that if Belichick wants to retire he’s doing a great job hiding it. Again, the Patriots do the best at handling distractions.

I still believe Belichick is done at the end of this season. When McDaniels came back, he said he needed to know what his situation was going to be going forward. Once he found out Belichick was going to be on his way out quietly, McDaniels said yes to coming back and coaching his favorite quarterback. Say McDaniels was coaching the Colts, what would Brady’s reaction be? Brady, of course, had a say in bringing Josh McDaniels back like it was reported.

Belichick has accomplished a lot along with Tom Brady. Brady has stated he wants to play five more years. However, Belichick has not stated he wants to coach five more years. Belichick did state in 2009 that he would be coaching into his 70s. That’s not too far off. Don’t be surprised if you just see the breaking news one day that Belichick is retiring as head coach of the Patriots. There will be no season long going away party. It will come at the end of the season when people least expect it.

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