Be Careful What You Wish For

The N.E Patriots are embracing all the hate, jealousy and disrespect. Most people growing up were taught a simple lesson at an early age: be careful what you wish for. The NFL and many media outlets have been wishing for the demise of the Patriots. New England has heard it all, and are happy to be the bad guys. The hate toward this team is nothing new, but this year the Patriots are embracing all of the talk and are using it as fuel toward Atlanta.

The Players Are Loving The Hate

Devin McCourty, Tom Brady and Julian Edelman are hearing the outside noise and using it for motivation

The Patriots have heard it all throughout this run of dominance, but have always kept quiet until now. Tom Brady was the first player to express this team’s new attitude. “You know everyone thinks we suck and we can’t win any games, so we’ll see. Should be fun,” Brady told CBS’s Tracy Wolfson. This came right after the Patriots dismantled the Chargers. The quote was a bit surprising to hear, it was not the usual “Patriot Way” response to a question. Devin McCourty followed suit post-game, sharing the same sentiment. The veteran safety said “We see it, we see our quarterback’s too old, we’re not good enough on defense, the skill players aren’t any good.” The players may not be watching these critics on TV, but one thing is for sure: they have been listening all year.

The best comment comes last, from Julian Edelman, who had a great game against LA. Edelman “Balled” so he got “the call” from the great Deion Sanders, who by the way loves the Patriots.

This all seems so new, players acknowledging that they’re listening to the doubters. We’ve always known that they have been listening throughout the years, but they never spoke about it with the media. This year, however, I think it starts at the top, with Bill Belichick using his legendary motivational tactics. Belichick reportedly told the team right after the win that they are now facing the best team in the AFC. Bill has used parade routes and opposing teams luggage as motivation before. Is it crazy to think he is the mastermind behind all of this? No, it’s not crazy at all, Bill will take any tactic to get his players up for playoff games.

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The Patriots Will Not Die

The Chiefs are a good football team, but I’m willing to bet they’d like the media to take a week off from discounting the Patriots. New England has embraced the role of the villain, which they will use all week as they prepare. The Patriots are like Michael Myers, you may think you’ve stopped them, until they somehow rise up and terrorize the NFL every year like it’s Halloween in Haddonfield.

The country wants Brady to retire and the Patriots to suck, but I have a feeling TB12 isn’t planning on going anywhere for a while. It’s fitting Brady would post this video that has a song about many people wishing the worst on someone. In this case it’s the Patriots. Let’s Go!!

Brady’s working out to ‘Many men’ a 50 cent song which clearly isn’t a coincidence.