Patriots fans thought they got what they have been wishing for this week. Now-retired Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski had a private throwing session at UCLA on Monday with his favorite quarterback, Tom Brady.  The Patriots remain one of the favorites to win Super Bowl LIV even without Gronkowski. If your’e thinking of placing a bet on the Patriots, be sure to check out these sportsbook reviews.

In the Los Angeles area for a charity basketball game, Gronkowski told TMZ Sports that Brady needed someone to throw to and, of course, “[Brady] calls Mr. Reliable Robbie G the one and only!”

Gronkowski, 30, announced his retirement in March after weeks of speculation following Super Bowl 53. The Gronk-Brady reunion on the field has Pats fans praying for a possible return. 

There are many factors that would go into a return for Gronkowski. The number one concern is his health. The 6-foot-6, 265-pound phenom has experienced a multitude of injuries dating back before his professional career. 

Gronkowski missed his junior season at Arizona in 2009 due to back surgery. During his nine seasons in the NFL Gronkowski has suffered various injuries to his ankle, left arm, right knee, hamstring, groin and once again to his back. Being The Man and a constant target, however, helped to sustain these injuries.

Gronk often received double coverage in order for teams to cover a man of his height and size. Toward the end of his career, the tight end was utilized more as a blocker. Going up against 250-plus pound men surely increased the toll taken to his body.

With no rush to get back on the field, Gronkowski can spend time caring for his body. Gronkowski MIGHT want another go at the game if his body can feel better than it did when he left the league. 

While the evaluation of his injury history seems bleak, all hope for Gronk’s return isn’t lost. According to Gronkowski’s girlfriend, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model Camille Kostek, with Rob anything is possible.

“He is someone who likes to mess around,” Kostek told Extra back in May. “I think he is messing with everybody, then again he stumps me all the time so who knows? He could be pulling this out of the woodwork at some time. I would love to see him out there, but I am also respecting him taking this time for himself, healing up his body, and enjoying the time off.”

Right now, Gronk remains retired and it doesn’t seem like it is going to change before the season begins. But maybe, just maybe, hanging out with Tom Brady will give the 30-year-old some beneficial tips on how to beat father time.