The inaugural edition of the Pegasus world Cup was in the year 2016. This invitational event was worth around $12 million, and it promptly displaced the Dubai World Cup from the mantle of the world’s richest race.  Are you from Gulfstream Park, Florida? Are you a fanatic for horse racing? Are you a competitor? The Pegasus World Cup is a grade 1 stakes race with four-year-old and upwards thoroughbred horses. Don’t miss any of the live action starting in January, this New Year. Subscribe to TVG Network today.

Specifics about the event

Care to know more a bit more about the specifics? The fun is in all the details for an avid race fan. The race is on 1 1/8 miles of dirt. It’s usually a rematch between the victor and the second place horse at the Breeder’s cup. The carry weight for Colts and Geldings is 124 lbs or 56 kgs while Fillies and Mares get an allowance of 3 pounds. The event drew a 16,000 strong crowd at the 2018 edition and is being favored to top the charts yet again in terms of viewership as well.

History of the event

As far as history goes, the Pegasus World Cup is new, but it has already made a huge name for itself and has smashed records left, right and center. The brainchild of Frank Stronach of the Stronach Group, the Pegasus Cup now is now the wealthiest derby in the world. That’s what is called a success story. From the inception of the idea at the January 2016 Thoroughbred Owner’s Conference at the Gulfstream Park, the derby has come a long way. The purpose of the derby in the month of the January was made keeping in mind the training program schedule for the Breeder’s Cup and the Dubai World Cup.

The turf at Greenfield Park was opened in the year 1969, and the board has continued developments on the infrastructure through the ’80s. The Gulfdome is the highlight of the architecture; a massive domed dining terrace! The investment paid dividends with the track being awarded the honor to host the Breeder’s cup for the years 1989, 1992 and 1999.

What you can see during the events

In the current edition, you can witness a total of 13 races over a weekend. It is your chance to feast your eyes and quench that thirst for horse racing. The completion will bring together the best Fillies and Mares to compete on a dirt track of for over 1 1/8 miles. You might even get an advance pointer towards the eventual Filly or Mare champion at the end of season’s awards based on the performance at the Pegasus Cup.

You need a cool $1 million purse to join in the race as a competitor. Do you feel up for it? If you are a genuine horse racer, this is your chance to go big! All the big names are here, even Connor McGregor who has been active as the ambassador for this mega event. The MMA performer’s Stardust was successful in raising the profile of horse racing to the younger generation. How excited are you?