‘Martial Art’ encompasses a wide variety of sportsthat originate from Asia and are historically‘fighting’ disciplines.  Deciding which of the Martial Arts you wish to progress in is your starting point, as there are very great differences between the styles.  The one thing that they all have in common though is that regular practice will bring tangible benefit to both your fitness levels and confidence.

Do I need To Attend a Class?

The answer to that is that you will almost certainly get a better, quicker result than you will if you exclusively train alone at home.  Classes are readily available in most locations, and they will be welcoming.  It is always good to train alongside like-minded people for encouragement, but often they will only be meeting once a week.

Ideally therefore you will attend a class for guidance and support, whilst also practicing independently at home to increase your fitness levels, improve muscle memory, and make quicker progress.  This is one sport where time invested really does pay dividends and training at home can really fast-track your results.

What equipment shall I buy?

For class:

The equipment listed is a generallist that you may like to think about when attending class.  It goes without saying that different disciplines have different requirements, but this is fairly representative:

  • Your Uniform.  

This will be different depending upon the discipline, and alsothe gym you have joined, talk to the instructor, they will let you know the requirements.

  • Your Belt. 

Your uniform may come with a belt, but it may not. The belt color changes depending upon your level.  As you progress you will need to replace the belt.

  • Protective Gear. 

To begin with, no matter which discipline, you will not be involved in full-contact sparringso you should be fine with a mouth guard and a groin protector.

  • Footwear. 

Martial Arts always used to be practiced barefoot, but that is changing.  Once you visit the gym you will be able to see what other people are doing and receive some guidance – the new design Martial Arts shoes come in a wide variety of styles and you will want to buy the right ones.

For home:

Practicing at home will, of course, require a bit more equipment – general fitness training sits alongside specialist training in your chosen discipline.

  • A martial arts mat will give you a safe floor covering to practice on – there are a wide range available.
  • Standard Sliders will help you to build flexibility and stretches.
  • Fun sticks have a multitude of uses, and are a good investment for the beginner.  They help you to mark out areas, jump over, create obstacles alongside other uses
  • Air Barrels work better than foam shapes – can be deflated when not in use and so take up less space, and are very supportive during your workout.
  • For cardio fitness you will need good, supportive footwear – outdoor jogging increases both fitness levels and stamina.

Why Train at Home for Martial Arts.

Starting to learn a Martial Art, which can be done whatever your age and fitness level, meansbeginning a sport which will bring rapid, and easy to see benefit so long as you spend sufficient time training and really stick with it.  

There is a considerable range of equipment on the market to support your exercise, but you can start with a very few, well-chosen items and build your gym as you improve.  Working from home as well as during class time will make your achievements much quicker.