The New York Yankees will face off against defending World Series champions, the Boston Red Sox in March. Who will draw first blood in this epic baseball encounter?

The New York Yankees will face off against defending World Series champions, the Boston Red Sox in March. Who will draw first blood in this epic baseball encounter?

The current standings in the MLB (Major League Baseball) heading into 2019 indicate that the Boston Red Sox dominate a tightly-packed field of contenders. The Red Sox finished 2018 as the World Series Champions, with 108 wins, 54 losses, and a win/loss percentage of 0.667. Close in tow are the iconic New York Yankees. The NY Yankees have won 100 games, lost 62, and boast a win/loss percentage of 0.617. They are 8 wins behind log leaders Boston but eager to exact their revenge in the upcoming Spring Training match on March 15 at 1:05 PM Eastern time.

Positions 3 through 5 in the MLB are firmly held by Tampa Bay, Toronto, and Baltimore, with win/loss percentages of 0.556, 0.451 and 0.290 respectively. Baseball fans are intently focused on the grudge match between New York and Boston, amid a blistering polar vortex. The Boston Red Sox clinched victory in the World Series in 2013 and again in 2018. Fans are urging the Red Sox on for a repeat performance and back-to-back victories in 2019. One of the few teams which stands in their way is none other than the New York Yankees. Of course, it would be foolhardy to downplay the heroics of other top 5 teams since baseball’s a funny old game.

Big Hitting Baseball Stars with the Yankees & the Red Sox

George M. Steinbrenner Field will play host to one of the most widely anticipated baseball matches of 2019, when the Red Sox and the Yankees slug it out. Boston never ceases to amaze fans, with incredible comebacks and unparalleled resilience. The Red Sox will be looking to finish this current decade in spectacular form and another World Series title would certainly fit the bill. In October 2018, the Boston Red Sox fielded a powerful lineup and it looks like many of the same players will be taking to the field in pursuit of baseball glory. Among the many Minor- League Contracts they recently signed are deals with Ivan De Jesus Junior and Jenrry Mejia. Steve Pearce and Nathan Eovaldi were re-signed as free agents.

Across the river, the New York Yankees are equally hard at work signing up superstars to join their team. Top baseball players include the likes of CC Sabathia, James Paxton Zach Britton, J.A. Happ, Troy Tulowitzki, and DJ LeMahieu. The Red Sox seem unfazed by the Yankees’ extravagant expenditures. Their team is a winning team, and their performances in 2018 are testament to that. They won 8 games more than the New York Yankees, and they’re bringing tremendous momentum with them into their spring training regimen.

Are Boston’s Best Getting Too Old?

One of the concerns facing the Boston Red Sox is the prospect of fielding a slowly aging team. True to form, their players are all in their prime, but many of them will be entering their 30s soon and that spells trouble for fitness and performance. Many baseball fans regard the Boston Red Sox as the team to beat, and quite possibly the best team of the decade. Without suitable replacements, are the Boston Red Sox looking to enjoy a spectacular short-term run, or plan their intake more strategically for long-term success?

From the New York Yankees perspective, there are many reasons to be excited. For starters, James Paxton will be pitching for them this season. The Yankees’ bullpen will be strengthened with the addition of Adam Ottavino. In 2018, the Yankees scored an incredible 851 runs, less than the 876 scored by the Red Sox, but close enough to play catch up. If New York’s Gary Sanchez is in top form, he can be a real menace to Boston’s prospects.

From an injury perspective, Boston may be somewhat concerned about the health of Chris Sale. His shoulder injury may prove devastating to the Red Sox this season, making things a little more uncertain for Boston. While Boston may have been saving money on its luxury tax bill by not signing too many expensive players, this lack of investment may come back to bite them in 2019. All that said and done, the March 15 encounter between two of baseball’s most iconic teams is sure to ignite a firestorm of interest from baseball betting fans around the world!