Instagram has proved to be the most astonishing social media network that covers all the fields of life including sports. As we all know the importance of sports in our life. We all as sports lovers dying to see our sports celebrities, how they play and what are their best shots. There are different professional sports franchises and different sports companies who are managing their social media presence. Instagram is the best option where different sports celebrities and companies are getting fame and their fans also approach them on Instagram. In this article, you will learn how to become famous on Instagram when you are a member of the sports team or member of any sports company.

How to Get Started on Instagram:

The first thing that you have to do is to take a start. Make an account that is related to your team or organization. Do not use the personal account as people get confused about your personal account. If you have then first convert it into a business account. You can view insights into your post and audience when you have a business account. Also, link your business Instagram account to your team’s Facebook page.

1- Complete Your Bio:

The place where you add a profile photo, it is better to put your team’s logo. So that you can easily be recognized by the people because of this logo. Now, add a biography. The biography should be clear and precise. Also, add some fun and emojis in your description to grab the attention of people towards your account. In the description, add a link to your website.

2- Use High-Quality photos:

As we all know that there are millions of photos that are shared on Instagram. Now you are representing your sports team, try to post

High-quality photos of your players, photos of players playing in the ground. You can also add the beautiful pics of the stadium in the night with all the beautiful lights and also add the eye-catching photos of the particular city where your team goes to play the game.

3- Use Videos:

Adding short interesting videos in the team is great as it is a part of the sports team marketing strategy. The sports lovers watch these videos with full interest and also share these interesting videos with their friends and family. There are some people who follow you after watching these videos and the engagement rates will also be higher after posting short videos. You can add the video of the players playing in the ground or you can add the video of the players reaching any country for a game.

4- Encourage Players or Coches to be Social:

The fresh and new players are more active on social media, especially on Instagram. They are fond of posting their sports pictures in their stories. The sports teams make a relationship with these fresh players by promoting their accounts. The feedback is absolutely very positive as people are fans of these sports celebrities. They want to see these players in the ground as well as in their personal life.

6- Tag Your Location:

Tagging location for sports players is very important as engagement rates will be increased by 79% when you tag your location on Instagram. When the engagement rates will be higher then there is a chance that a number of followers will also be increased. People are interested in seeing the location of their favorite players that where their players are present currently. Also, you can tag people and ask others to tag their friends to increase engagement rates.

7- Use The Hashtags related to Your Niche:

Hashtags are very important for sports players and also for the sports team. On Instagram, hashtags are the main thing with the help of which you can get higher engagement rates. Individually, the player uses the hashtags of their names or famous names related to sports. As a sports team, use the proper and related hashtags to grab the attention of people so that they become your followers.

8- Useful Tools for Instagram Marketing:

The useful tools can make the work, even more, easier for the sports team to do marketing at a high level. Iconosquareis a tool by which you can manage and analyze your follower’s growth. Likegrowers Instagram Auto tool for organic reach on Instagram. Crowdfire is a great tool which helps you clean your account and sort out the non-followers. Social Insight also helps you to monitor engagement, post interactions and the best time to post. Likesgainer is an Instagram Marketing tool that can help you grow fast on Instagram. 


Instagram is an amazing and worthy tool for sports team marketing. On this platform, you got lots of opportunities for displaying the visual content in a more qualitative way by using filters. A beautiful presentation of photos and videos of the sports team is only done with the help of Instagram. Like a sports team, by following the above-mentioned tips, you are now able to hit the ground. Now, you are also able to build your fans following on Instagram.