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Who is Brian Flores and where did he come from?

Brian Flores grew up in the housing projects (Brownsville) in Brooklyn, NY. Brownsville is one of, if not, the toughest areas to grow up in around the country, excluding Chicago. Growing up, Flores and his siblings saw things that kids his age should never have to witness. If you ask Flores it made him into the fearless man/leader he is today.

Flores began playing football around the 8th grade and quickly turned himself into quite the defensive back/running back. Not only was Flores a heck of a player on the field, but in the classroom he was an exceptional student who scored a 1,140 on his SAT. Good grades along with his skills on the field helped him get accepted to Boston College. While at Boston College, Flores was the teams second leading tackler. In 2003, he missed the bowl game and a chance at being drafted due to torn quadriceps.


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How Flores became a Coach/Patriot:

In 2004, the Patriots hired Flores as a scouting assistant within the organization. First, lets backup to before Flores being hired and the process of landing a job in the NFL. After his college and playing career ended, Flores desired a position as either a coach or a GM in the league.

According to Flores, “[He] sent a letter to EVERY team in the NFL and the Patriots were the only team to write back”. Not only did the Patriots see something other teams didn’t, but Belichick must have had a tremendous amount of faith in the potential of this guy. Flores was then brought in for the 2004 season as the scouting assistant.

In 2008, Flores work ethic did not go unnoticed as he was then named the teams scouting coach. Two years later in 2010, they noticed his work ethic and again he claimed the title as special teams Assistant. As usual, Flores was quick to climbing the ladder and the name of assistant offensive and special teams coach was given to him.

On the Defensive:

In 2011, Flores was back on the side of the ball where he belonged, the defensive side. He was named the defensive assistant for Belichick and the Patriots and once again his hard work paid off. In 2012, he was named the safeties coach where he held the position until 2016. In 2016 he became the Patriots linebacker coach and held that title until now. After Matt Patricia left to become the Lions head coach, Flores was named the defensive coordinator/play caller for the 2018 season. Flores will be under the wing of Bill Belichick until the 2019 season when Flores can take over. With Flores running the defense it looks like we will see more hybrid 3-4, 4-3 defenses but only time will tell.

High praise and recognition:

What Flores is doing isn’t a fluke and he has been noticed and recognized by other coaches and players. So much so that Flores who was relatively unknown in 2004, became a finalist for the Arizona Cardinals Head Coaching position. Luckily for the Pats, he ultimately came up short. Here is what veteran LB David Harris had to say about his coach:

Even though he’s only a couple years older than me, his depth & knowledge of football is outstanding. He knows not just linebackers, he knows entire defenses, he knows the offense as well. He is definitely an up & coming coach in this league. Everybody was happy for him even being considered for a coaching job. I think eventually he will be an outstanding coach.”

High praise coming from a veteran guy like David Harris who has been around this league for quite sometime. Another quote from Jeff Howe (Patriots beat writer for the athletic), is one I found intriguing:

Patriots players hoped Flores would get this promotion. They LOVE him, this will be well received in the locker room.”

Final Take:

With Bill and Flores in the 2018 season, the adjustment on defense will be interesting to see. Also with new additions via free agency and the draft, this season will be fun to watch. The excitement is high as many fans are eagerly waiting to see what Flores can do.