The Patriots Have A Successful Day One Of Training Camp

The New England Patriots began training camp today. The crowd was massive and got there early to see the Patriots on the field for the first time in 2018. Bill Belichick spoke this morning about day one of training camp. He told the media, “Well, it’s a long day. It’s a big day. We have a lot of opportunities today to get better. Hopefully, we can maximize all of them or as many as possible. That’s our goal every day.” Tom Brady came out strong with the Brady chants erupting from the crowd. Julian Edelmanalso  looked good today, even though he’s coming off an ACL injury.

Tom Brady Looked Sharp

Tom Brady looked sharp today and so did Danny Etling. The rookie quarterback looked to get rid of the ball more quickly than he did at LSU. Tom Brady did have one interception on the day, but was unfazed. Julian Edelman showed no signs of coming off an ACL injury. Number 11 looked sharp on his first day of training camp. Robert Kraft came onto the field and was greeted by Brady. The Patriots have practice Friday, Saturday, and Sunday this week for training camp.

Rob Gronkowski was asked if he considered holding out of camp. His response: “No. Haven’t come close to considering that. No even one bit. What I can do is keep preparing, keep showing up every day, keep doing what I got to do.” As long as Tom Brady was on the field, there was no way Gronkowski was holding out of training camp. The tight end had solid chemistry Brady today too. They connected on a few occasions.

Overall Impressions

The Patriots looked sharp today on their first day of practice. But there is still along way to go until the season. Some questions will work themselves out, like which running back will most likely be cut before the start of the season? Who will step up at the wide receiver position? Will the Patriots make another Super Bowl run?

We’ll just have to watch and see.