In a bombshell announcement two days before the season is starting, the Uprising’s main tank Gamsu has been shipped to the Shanghai Dragons. Boston’s star main-tank, a fan-favorite and considered the captain, is now tasked with helping the Dragons secure their first win. Where does this leave us?

Looking back

Boston already is reeling from an off season where breakout players Striker, Neko, and Mistakes all departed. While new players Axxiom, Alemao, Blase, and Colourhex all have potential, the Uprising already are low on returning players. Going into the 2019 season it seemed Note, Kellex, and Gamsu were the core of the team. Gamsu on main tank and Note on off-tank were the engine to the team’s undefeated stage 3, dive-focused streak. Breaking up this pair portends poor future returns for the uprising.

Many fans noted the abundance of tanks on the Uprising after the initial turnover of the roster in the offseason. Additionally, Axxiom and Fusions both can fill the main tank role. With Fusions on a two-way contract, expect Axxiom to land on the starting roster this Thursday against NYXL. Can Note and Axxiom spark the type of magic the Note/Gamsu pair had?

Looking ahead

Opening day’s one-DPS issue has suddenly been switched out with a healthy dose of tank drama. Consequently, what are we to make of Hek’s decisions? We knew with Colourhex’s suspension that an in season DPS pickup was likely. Also, we knew that we would be in for a tough transition at the start of the season. However, that doesn’t mean we expected such a drastic change 2 days before the season. This is a team that has been scrimming for weeks now, trying to build synergy. What state can we expect this team to be in on opening day? How many reps has Axxiom got with our starting roster?

Fortunately the Uprising are opening their season against the NYXL. Dealing with a suspended DPS and the loss of their star main tank shouldn’t affect their performance. Who would think that?

Goodbye Gamsu and Uni. We hardly knew thee….