As the MLB season progresses, there is something that is gaining more clarity every single day: always have trust in Dave Dombrowski. This man is a freaking genius. As far as this year goes, he’s made some incredible moves. The funniest thing is that Red Sox fans scratched their heads when told about these trades. Nobody expected the Red Sox to trade for Steve Pearce. It came out of nowhere. The reason Dombrowski made the call was Pearce is a first baseman/outfielder. Andrew Benintendi has struggled mightily against lefties up to this point. Mitch Moreland is also someone who isn’t the greatest against left-handed pitchers. So in came Steve Pearce. 

Steve Pearce, Yankee Slayer

Pearce was never rumored with Boston, another reason why the trade was interesting. But again, have trust in Dave. That man knows best. Since coming to Boston, he has hit .333 with an OPS of .921. The job for him was to hit against lefties, but this man can also mash against righties too. He’s also very reliable on defense over at first along with Moreland. Pearce has been absolutely everything Dombrowski traded for and more. 

Anyone know of the New York Yankees? That team that’s in the division race with the Red Sox? Well yeah, Steve Pearce went out and hit three homers against them last night. Not a typo. They all went over the Monster, with one of them landing on Lansdowne. Say all you want about Dave Dombrowski and what he’s done with the farm system. If there’s one thing this man is good at doing, it’s building a really, really talented baseball team. And I couldn’t be more happy that Dave Dombrowski is the President of Baseball Operations for the Boston Red Sox. And I couldn’t be more happy that Steve Pearce is a member of the Boston Red Sox. 

I think it would be a good idea to give him an extension this winter.