You’re a diehard Boston sports fan and you found a date that enjoys at least one of the teams that you are crazy about. How do the two of you celebrate this wild occurrence? Well, you head out to the destinations that are just made for sports lovers on a date around the city. Using this list of great places to go for sporting dates, you’ll always have a way to have new adventures!

Any of the Sports Venues for the Professional Teams

This one might seem kind of self-explanatory, but a lot of couples out there do not think about going out to a sports game as a date. However, the fact is that watching a baseball game or any of the other major sports together is a great way to build compatibility with each other. You get to learn about how your date handles themselves in public, share some information about the team with each other, grab some food, and watch a show. It’s a lot better than going out to dinner and a movie, that’s for sure.

The Four’s Restaurant and Sports Bar

Located right by North Station on Commercial Street, The Four’s Restaurant and Sports Bar is a pretty well-known place where you can watch any of the teams compete while having a good time. The place is always packed full of people watching the games and cheering, and they have a great variety of food and drinks. It is a more run-of-the-mill date, but you also get the chance to watch your team of choice while you hang out with your date.

Social Boston Sports

Did you play for a baseball team or basketball team in high school and college but still feel that urge to compete? Then you should check out Social Boston Sports to feed the sports lover inside of you. This organization helps working professionals find sports leagues that they can join and have all kinds of fun together. In terms of dating, you could use this as a way of watching amateurs play sports or cheer for each other while one or both of you compete. It’s definitely a unique twist on dating, but the fact is that it is a great supportive way for you to bring sports into your daily dating lifestyle.

Host a Couples Viewing Party

Are you looking for a way to add more of the dating side of a relationship into your sports schedule? Then you might want to consider inviting your friends and their dates over for a couples viewing party of the game. That way, you can expose yourself to other couples, check up on your friends, and make sure that you are not sacrificing valuable screen time for the games. This method of dating has a lot of benefits from gathering everyone in one place, but it’s also a great way for people who have a new date to introduce that person to their sports-loving friends. With a built-in icebreaker in the form of the common cause of sports, you’ll never have to worry about making an awkward introduction to your friends or family.

All in all, sports lovers have a lot of great potential places to take a date in and around the city of Boston. If you’re still looking for a beau that is into sports, you can always look to start a relationship by heading out to the right sports bars, asking friends, or even heading to to see who is out and about. Once you have your date, you’ll have plenty of places to take them based on the list we’ve made for you!