Red Sox Baseball Begins Thursday

Apr 15, 2017; Boston, MA, USA; Boston Red Sox starting pitcher Chris Sale delivers a pitch against the Tampa Bay Rays during the first inning at Fenway Park. Mandatory Credit: Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

The 2018 baseball season is Thursday, but the buzz around the Red Sox seems to be very quiet. Yes, there’s a lot going on with the Patriots, Celtics, and Bruins. But the Red Sox are staring their season Thursday. Alex Cora, as his first year as manager, has been clear divisions don’t mean anything winning a World Series does. Alex Cora has built a great relationship so far with his players. David Price seems to like him too, as there was a disconnect between him and John Farrell. Dustin Pedroia even told WEEI there was a disconnect between Farrell and the players last season.

This season is totally different with a new manager and coaches on the staff. The Red Sox come in with mostly the same team, besides adding J.D. Martinez, who is the power hitter they needed going forward to compete with the New York Yankees. Hopefully, Dustin Pedroia won’t be a baby and start being the leader he says he is in the clubhouse as well. The starting rotation looks good with Sale starting Thursday, followed by David Price, Rick Porcello, Hector Velazquez, and Brian Johnson.

Alex Cora Sounds Confident

(Fort Myers FL, 02/22/18) Boston Red Sox catcher Blake Swihart and second baseman Brock Holt celebrate with manager Alex Cora after scoring on Austin Rei’s double in the first inning of the Spring Training game against Northeastern University at JetBlue Park on Thursday, February 22, 2018. Staff photo by Matt Stone

Alex Cora had comments today and said, “Besides the freakin’ best record in baseball?” The Red Sox had the best record in baseball in Spring Training which at the end of the day means nothing. Cora also said today that he’s seen some players step up without saying any names. Alex Cora did say at the end to not to pay attention to spring training records they don’t mean anything.

John Farrell Speaks About Firing

The Red Sox have the talent to compete with the Yankees but do they have enough to win another division? That remains to be seen. Old manager John Farrell spoke yesterday about how he knew his time was up with the Red Sox late last season, saying,

“If you finished in first place last year, you were twice as likely as to be fired as if you finished in last place. So from that perspective, yeah, a little bit surprised a change was made, I do know Dave came in and he inherited me, So he felt like there was a change that was needed because we made quick exits the two years consecutive going into the postseason. The expectation as it is every year, whether it’s New York or Boston, LA, Chicago, to go deep into the October run, we didn’t do it. So I wish Alex Cora and everybody all the best there going forward.”

Farrell is a scout for the Cincinnati Reds, and currently will serve as an analyst for Baseball Tonight on ESPN. Get ready for the long baseball season. This should be an exciting one for sure.