We weren’t exactly sure what we were going to get from Steven Wright’s return in the rotation on Tuesday night. He pitched well out of the bullpen prior, but starting a game out of the rotation is a totally different scenario. Steven Wright’s start wasn’t originally going to happen. He was inserted into the starting role after Pomeranz was put on the DL with bicep tendinitis. At least for now Wright is the obvious replacement. But from what we saw last night, Alex Cora might keep him in this rotation for now, even when Pomeranz is healthy again. 

Back in the middle of 2016, Wright was lights out at one point, pitching to the best ERA in all of MLB. Pretty crazy. But since then, he hasn’t been very good, pitching to an ERA over 5.0 in his shortened 2017 season. It’s no question that an effective Steven Wright would be an amazing addition to this rotation that has had a bad and unhealthy Drew Pomeranz and a struggling Chris Sale. He will provide much more relief for the rest of the rotation. So, going into Tuesday’s start, we were all hoping he’d show some flashes of his inner Tim Wakefield. Would he do it? Indeed. 

In fact, he exceeded expectations. He went seven strong innings and gave up only two hits and struck out six. His knuckleball was of course dancing around. 

Certainly none of us should be overreacting after one start, but I am all on board with keeping Wright in this rotation. Even when Pomeranz is able to come back healthy.  He’s deserved it.