How to Golf Grips
Holding a golf grip may seem like the simplest thing to do and you may be least bothered about how you grip your golf club. However, it is important to understand that your golf grip plays a very important role in improving your entire swing. No matter what type of grips you buy on online golf stores, be it golf grips putter, driver, or iron, if your golf grip is poor, your posture and swing will as well be affected and you will ultimately end up making a bad shoot. Discover below the proper way to hold golf grips, why it’s important, and how you can improve it for a successful golf swing.

 Holding a golf club – a quick guide

A proper golf grip can help you to achieve greater feel, more distance, consistency, and strike the ball properly with every club that’s in your golf bag. Follow these quick guide for a great grip over your club (reverse the orders if you are left-handed):

  • To start, place the club on your left hand. The golf grip should run from the middle of your index finger to the base of your little finger.
  • Grip the golf club half an inch away from the edge. This will allow you to have more control over your club and improve ball striking aptitude without losing too much power.
  • As you look down, rotate your hand towards the right until the two knuckles on your left hand are visible. This creates a neutral grip for you and your hand is said to be in a strong position if you can see more than 2½ knuckles.
  • The “V” created by your left-hand forefinger and thumb should also be pointing towards your right shoulder.
  • Place the heel of your right hand above your left thumb. The “v” created by your right forefinger and thumb should point to your chin.

Why is the correct golf grip important?

A correct golf grip significantly improves your gameplay. Improving your golf grip is the easiest and effective way to improve golf consistency and accuracy.

The golf grips are the only component that connects the golfers with the rest of the club. It is an important connection that determines how well a golfer may initiate his/her swing. By just changing the way you hold your golf grip will help you make a considerable improvement to hit the clubface at impact, thereby improving the accuracy of your shot.

Remember golf is a game of timing. So, the better you can grip your grip, the lesser time you will require to perfectly square up the clubface. When your golf grip is correct, your arms will be in a neutral position, allowing the clubface to automatically square up.

Common mistakes to avoid when holding your club

Your golf grip plays a significant role in improving your entire swing. As it is the only connection you have with the rest of your club- putter, driver, or iron. So, it is important that you treat it wisely. When it comes to improving your golf grips to have better over your putter, driver, or iron, trial and error are often be the best way to learn and improve your grip.

Avoid Gripping too high

It is important to position your hands appropriately on your golf club. If you are unable to see the tip of the grip handle that means you have positioned your hands too high on the club. Lower your left hand a bit downwards so that you can see the handle and reposition your right hand.

Double Check your hand position

If you are right-handed, check the placement of your trail (right) hand on the club. Are your forefinger and thumb creating a ‘V’ shape? And is it pointing right to the middle of your sternum?

Next check the placement of your lead (left) hand on the club. Are the knuckles of the middle and ring fingers visible? Is the golf grip running diagonally down your lead (left) hand fingers?

Avoid gripping too hard

It is important to hold your club firmly, but that doesn’t mean that you squeeze your golf grips too hard that you lose out most of your energy in that. Your grip should be firm enough so that your club doesn’t slip away and soft enough so that you don’t crush your golf grip.

Start Over with the Basics

If nothing seems to be working, sometimes it is better to stop and start over. Just put down your club, step away, and relax for some time. Once your mind is refreshed, you can go back to your club and start from the basics. You will do much better this time.

To you have any tips that can help improve golf grip? Share with us.