The Red Sox entered the series with the Baltimore Orioles sitting on a 4.5 game division lead on Friday.  But the starting pitchers took a beating all weekend, barely getting an out. The schedule won’t get any easier, with the Blue Jays Monday through Wednesday, then off to New York for a four-game series beginning Thursday.

Mauled on the mound

Friday night Rick Porcello pitched only 4.2 innings, gaving up nine hits, four runs, and four strikeouts in the 16-3 loss. Saturday, Eduardo Rodriguez pitched, showing no improvement as they fell behind early, again. Eduardo Rodriguez pitched a five-run second inning, with 40 pitches. They lost 7-0. Sunday, Doug Fister had a slightly better outing,  but they still earned an ‘L’ 2-1. Fister pitched a total of seven innings, gave up five hits, two runs, and seven strikeouts.

Listen Sox fans — The pitching isn’t the only problem.  What about the hitting?  Hanley Ramirez stands zero for his last 14 at-bats with 9Ks, according to Boston Sports Info on Twitter.  Since July 4, Mookie Betts had 184 at bats, three home-runs, 26 RBI’s, and 32 strikeouts, according to Boston Sports Info.

The young guys have stepped up, which is good.   But what about the rumblings of an September collapse? It has happened before.  My answer for right now is – no. This team has too much talent to screw themselves out of the division.

Chris Sale had a tough start against Cleveland but he’ll bounce back. We still have to see if David Price can pitch without pain. Nunez has been a great call-up so far along with Rafael Devers. Hopefully injuries won’t factor into the final stretch of the season which begins now.