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When it comes to finding undrafted free agents, Bill Belichick is like some shady yard sale hunter taking advantage of the other 31 General Managers. These knuckleheads clean out their basements and attics, overlooking their “junk” by practically giving it away for nothing.

Picture this: Belichick approaches the brainless GM, and asks, “*snort* How much for the *throat clear* beat-up cup?” The GM shrugs, and says, “Uhhhh. One dollar?”

Belichick hands the GM a buck, then brings the beat-up cup, which happens to be the Holy Grail Jesus Christ drank from, to an auction. He sells it for a cool billion. Meanwhile, the GM sees the cup all over the news and internet, and says, “Heyyyyyy. Dat’s my cup!”

This is yet another way that Belichick has out smarted everyone else. He makes it a point on a yearly basis to not only make certain that an undrafted player makes the team, he sometimes turns them into stars. How does this benefit the Patriots exactly?

Every year hundreds of college players who have potential go undrafted. The second the draft is over, GM’s across the league call these players in hopes of signing them to their training camp roster. Belichick now has a reputation that’s so strong in this player pool, these diamonds in the rough wait to see if Belichick calls them first, before committing to another team. Why are they keeping their fingers crossed that Belichick calls? They’re hoping The Hoodie will turn them into the next Wes Welker, or Danny Woodhead, or David Andrews, or Malcolm Butler. And trust me, there’s a ton more.

The proof of this? Out of what were considered the top 10 undrafted free agents in 2017, The Patriots signed the top SEVEN. (After all, who the hell wouldn’t want to play for the greatest franchise in sports while backstroking in the tears of Patriots Haters?) And one of these players is going to be a stud!

D.J. Killings, Jacob Hollister, Austin Carr, Adam Butler, Cole Croston, Kenny Moore, and Harvey Langi were all undrafted and signed by Belichick. Killings got injured during camp, while Carr, and Moore were released after training camp. Carr and Moore were immediately claimed by other teams, while Hollister, Butler, Croston and Langi made the Patriots roster. So amongst these players, who is the next undrafted Patriots Super Star?

Once again … the Butler did it!

Here’s what you need to know about Adam Butler. He’s #70. He went to Vanderbilt. He has lost 30 pounds since the combine. He is now a ferocious monster who will be flattening quarterbacks like a teenager with a learners-permit mowing down pylons in Drivers Ed.

While I keyed on Butler during the preseason games, I noticed he pancaked FOUR offensive lineman. To put into perspective how ridiculous this is, a “Pancake” is a college stat kept for offensive linemen who knock a defender onto their ass. Butler is a DEFENSIVE lineman who in 3 games, has knocked FOUR offensive linemen onto their Goodell’s. Three of these Pancakes were done with a bull-rush, (this is how a pancake is usually accomplished) and one was by a spin move. A flipping SPIN move!

There was also a play against the Lions where he nearly killed quarterback Matt Stafford. There was no replay of the hit, and it was barely visible because the camera followed the ball as Stafford just released the throw. But Butler had beaten his man, gained a full head of steam, and hit Stafford so hard he could taste his own jockstrap. The next camera angle showed Stafford coming back to the huddle rather gingerly. (And probably spray spitting the taste from his mouth.)

There are other indications that suggest Butler will be a breakout star. He’s nearly 300 pounds and the Pats like to play him at defensive end. Reports from training camp have buzzed about him and in the fourth preseason game when all of the backups played and every starter sat, Butler was one of the players Belichick kept off the field for the meaningless contest.

Keep an eye on this kid. He will be a force by the end of the year. This following statement will have people demanding I take a drug test: I believe Butler could be a poor man’s Bruce Smith. And trust me people, I’m as anti-drug as they come. No dope for this dope.

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