I may not be the most subjective in my posts, but I’ll give this a try.

One of the first times that I have ever seen a sports team play in person was back in 2009. I was in fifth grade and I was fortunate enough for my dad to take me to see my first football game. I can remember my excitement going through the roof as the Patriots blew out the Jets. The frigid┬áNovember air in Foxborough never fazed me as temperatures dropped below freezing. I didn’t get overwhelmed by the drunk fans fighting nearby my dad and I. All what seemed to matter for me that night was the game itself, and being able to witness it with my dad. It didn’t matter to me that I knew nothing about the rules of the game, or that the only player on the field that was familiar to me was Tom Brady. The atmosphere was indescribable for me, and still is whenever I attend a game today.

It will be something that I will remember for the rest of my life.

Sports to me are something more than merely competition. It is an outlet for me to take focus off of the real world. In a country so socially polarized that people constantly take to social media to argue, I am beyond thankful that I can drown it out with sports. When my family bickers down the hall, I am thankful for ESPN always having coverage of something sports-related. When my roommates at college and I are slammed with work, I am thankful that we can get our minds off of things for a while watching a night game. Sports to me are a symbol of unity. It could come in the form of giving someone that’s wearing the same jersey as you a high-five. Unity can take the form of sitting down after a long day and watching a hockey game with your father. Even just talking about last night’s game with a coworker shows unification. The competitive stigma of sports masquerades the unification that it brings for teams and fans alike.

I credit my passion for sports to my father, someone who I have looked up from a young age. He fueled the excitement I get whenever a Patriots game comes on. I will always enjoy seeing a text from him about the big game from the night before (though he usually sleeps through games if it gets too late). Every weekend that I’m home from school he makes time to watch the Pats game with me. I’ll never forget how on Christmas Day he ran around the house in pure joy after seeing I bought him tickets to a playoff game. Thank you Dad for sparking my love of sports and being 100% behind me as I pursue a career in sports media.

Thank You Boston Sports Extra

I am extremely thankful for the opportunity I have been given to write and edit for this wonderful group. Everyone at Boston Sports Extra has been supportive of me since I joined back in August. Thank you for allowing me to start my sports writing career here with you all. Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow members of BSE, and to those that take the time to read our articles.