Mike Felger Rant

If you listen to 98.5, The Sports Hub, daily like I do, you know they have the highest rated station in Boston. They have great shows, and the 2-6 show in the afternoon has a lot of hot takes. For people that listen or watch Felger and Mazz, you will know they have very strong takes and opinions everyday. They are the most critical show on that station, which is why it’s very popular. When the news came out about Roy Halladay dying in a plane crash, you probably thought what a tragic accident–a player flying his own plane, and something malfunctioned with the plane and it crashed. Mike Felger had something to say about it.

TMZ Released A Video Of Hallady Flying Up and Down Over The Water

Then video came out, released by TMZ Sports, that had Halladay flying very close to the water, joyriding up and down. Then the questions started. Why would someone be joyriding in a plane with little experience over the water? His wife told him not to get the plane and he did it anyway.¬† I heard the Mike Felger rant this morning, he is 90% correct. However, like Scott Zolak said this morning, nobody deserves to die, but you don’t joyride in a plane close to the water acting like nothing will happen.

Cory Lidle Was A  Tragic Accident

A tragic accident was when Cory Lidle, along with his flight instructor, crashed into a building in New York City. Cory wasn’t joyriding or by himself, a strong wind blew the plane into the building as it was making an 180-degree turn. If you do something you know is stupid, and do it anyway, you suffer or your family suffers the consequences. I’ve learned things you do in life affect not only you, but the people around you. Felger is right, it’s a tragedy for his family and his kids who now will grow up without a father, because he decided to joyride on a plane and thought nothing would happen.

WEEI Needs To Get A Grip

As for WEEI, the Kirk and Callahan show needs to get a grip. I’m so glad the Sports Hub has to give you show content, you can’t provide your own show content. Kirk went to the Sports Hub parking lot this morning with a sign saying Fire Felger. He is just doing it because his show can’t get any content. This is why the Sports Hub beats WEEI in ratings all the time. They are original, while WEEI acts like babies, and needs content from another station to talk about.

Felger And Mazz Have High Ratings For A Reason

At the end of the day, Felger is going to be Felger, and again NOBODY DESERVES TO DIE. However, if you do something you know is stupid, you or your family will suffer the consequences, and have to pick up the pieces. That, ladies and gentleman, was Mike Felger’s point. If you don’t understand that, then educate yourself, or don’t listen to Felger and Mazz.