Did Stanton pack his bags yet? Because on social media yesterday in the baseball hot stove world, it really seemed like it. Pure chaos. Every person was a Stanton expert. Every person had a “source.” This led to a lot of posts speculating on his desired location before any actual confirmation of what he actually said came out.

For example, an article put on a certain website that started a majority of the uproar yesterday was posted from a complete non-credible source. Not naming the writer, but his bio on his unverified Twitter read all about his glory as a “Roller Derby Coach”.

Really? This is the person we are trusting with breaking news regarding the top free agent in the world not wanting to be in Boston? I understand Stanton will probably end up back at home in the sunny state of Cali. But Derek Jeter himself has yet to have a discussion with Stanton (sources). Hit pieces coming out regarding information about this cause quite the storm on social media. It’s comical because one of the actual verified Red Sox insider’s listed bellow refuted everything this other man said, but people still retweeted the bogus article. For the people who want clear knowledge of where players will be packing their bags this offseason, there are a few insiders you need to follow.

So below, I’m giving you three major MLB insiders to follow on Twitter.  For the Red Sox diehards, I’ll give you a small list of who to follow for straight up Sox news. Finally,  a Marlins/MLB insider for the people who want to know when and where the top free agent is going. These people actually are baseball minds. Not a derby coach coming out of AMF Bowling alleys after blading it up to MJ’s “Thriller”.


When it comes to breaking news these are the basic guy’s everybody has to be watching. They don’t tweet or post without some credibility behind the source. I have had notifications on all of Ken Rosenthal’s tweets for a while, and trust me,  it pays off. I got the notification about Chris Sale practically as it left Ken’s beautiful fingers. You may remember seeing Jon Heyman from the trade deadline special on MLB Network. In fact, all three of these gentlemen are insiders on MLB Network, and deservedly so. It’s simple.  You need to follow these three reporters.  Even when the “Stanton Sweepstakes” is through, these guys are worth the follow for any pure baseball fan. An honorable mention as well would be Bob Nightengale.



For basic Red Sox insider knowledge, all four of these guys have basic inside info on the clubhouse and management. Although Pete Abraham has possibly the lowest approval rating out of any person here, he did break the David Price trade. If Ken Rosenthal was the top dog in the past group, the head honcho for me here is Evan Drellich. He not only has inside information on the team, but he also has well-backed overall insight about the club. So if Stanton does end up in LA, look for these four to be all over any J.D. Martinez/ Eric Hosmer news.



If you’re just a Stanton-or-bust kind of fan, this is the man for you. Frisaro isn’t just an insider with the Marlins management. He is also an on-site reporter for MLB Network. I followed Frisaro around the deadline, as he threw out general MLB trade news. So whether you’re all in on the Stanton deal or just a common baseball fan, this man is just a good follow.