Since Steve Addazio’s hiring in 2013, the Boston College football team has appeared in three bowls and are on their way to their fourth. In four out of five seasons, the Eagles have managed to win seven games, one more than the required six for bowl contention. But at the beginning of this season, they had the fans a bit worried.

Rocky Start for Eagles Football

The Eagles began the season with a 23-20 win against Northern Illinois. Unfortunately, the next three games were what most BC fans expected: disappointing. Though in their defense, those opponents were Wake Forest, Notre Dame and Clemson. But the frustration comes from the silly mistakes and what appeared to many as a lack of competitiveness. These three teams outscored Boston College 117-37, embarrassing for the school no doubt. BC has struggled in ACC play in the past, and the games against Wake Forest and Clemson were a haunting reminder of that struggle. In addition, there were calls to fire Adazzio, who made some very questionable play calls in the past that have directly led to losses. But he, and this team, weren’t going down without a fight.

Finding Their Rhythm

BC won their next game against Central Michigan 28-8, then lost to Virginia Tech 23-10. Immediately following that loss to VT was a three-game winning streak! Included in that streak was a thrilling win against Louisville, as well as a blowout against a disappointing Florida State team. The Eagles would then go on to win two of their last three, putting their record at 7-5. The freshman running back AJ Dillon had a lot to do with that. After the three-game losing streak, he rushed for 100+ yards in six of the last eight games. He even exploded for 272 yards on 39 carries against Louisville. The defense was pretty solid too, with Lukas Denis leading the team AND FBS with seven interceptions.

Boston College Returns to the Pinstripe Bowl

Iowa, who is also 7-5, will be the opponent on December 27 at Yankee Stadium. BC has been to the Pinstripe Bowl before, so this will no doubt be a chance at some type of redemption. In 2014, they faced Penn State and lost a thriller in overtime 31-30. The missed extra point by the kicker proved crucial in the game and was ultimately the nail in the coffin. Iowa ended their season losing two of their last three. BC ended their season doing just the opposite, so hopefully they can carry that into the match up!

Don’t miss the Eagles go for their fourth bowl win since Adazzio’s hiring! The game is December 27 at 5:15 pm, live from Yankee Stadium. GO EAGLES!!

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