The Boston College football team’s season came to an end on Wednesday night after their bowl loss to Iowa. As head coach, Addazio is now 1-3 in bowl games and 0-2 when in the Pinstripe Bowl. He’s been able to bring the Eagles to bowl games, though not every trip was a smooth one. From questionable play calling to rude press conferences, student ‘superfans’ have been calling for his firing for some time.

Another Bowl, Another Loss

The Eagles had yet another disappointing loss in the Pinstripe Bowl. This time, they lost 27-20 to Iowa. Right out of the gate, QB Darius Wade threw an INT that led to a Iowa FG. But Addazio got his guys back on track and they went into halftime with a 14-10 lead. Unfortunately, two more turnovers late in the fourth quarter sealed the deal for Iowa, and RB AJ Dillon’s 157 rushing yards fell by the wayside. That is now three bowl losses for Addazio against Arizona, Penn State and Iowa. Two out of the three are relatively sub par, but one can argue that BC’s in the same class. You can get to the big games, but can’t win them? Something’s got to give.

Lead by Example!

Another Addazio vice: his temper, particularly during press conferences. It has been an ongoing issue for the head coach, especially during losses. Of course no one likes to lose, but that doesn’t mean you have the right to verbally attack the media when they ask perfectly valid questions. I’m sorry coach, but you are NO Cam Newton, and even so he doesn’t have the right to act that way either. He needs to have more composure because as the head coach, his guys look up to him. From personal experience, I’ve seen how his negativity can affect his players and how they interact with others. Not okay. One of the most important lessons he can teach these guys is how to communicate and carry themselves with the media, especially after a loss.

What’s Next for Addazio?

If I know Boston College, they won’t fire Addazio because deep down they know they probably should have done it already. But they don’t want to be ‘that team’ that cycles through head coaches like the Browns cycle through QBs. For now, I guess they’re satisfied with 7-win seasons and the occasional bowl win, if they’re lucky. Either way, Addazio is already looking to 2018 with excitement. He’ll get back some injured key players as well as some returning talent like AJ Dillon. Coach has confidence in his guys and the talent they have. What about the talent they will acquire? A little birdie told me that Mike Vrabel’s son Tyler committed to BC. How exciting!

Hopefully next season, people will want to stay for a whole game or show up all together. I know my fellow alums would love to see BC become real contenders again, especially with fellow ACC teams Clemson and Miami making noise. So coach, we’re all looking to you to make some magic in your fifth season. Here’s to consistency and success in 2018!

Picture credits to USA Today and BC Interruption