The reason behind using firearms have come a long way, especially due to the issues in the recent years. I’m not going to talk on that topic but I’d like to address how the events have changed the use of handguns or the guns in general.

These days, handguns have become more available than it ever was in the history of guns and firearms. That’s why the manufacturers have started making them more and more. Consequently, the use of gun sights has increased to a certain degree.

Even though I am used to seeing huge and bulky reflex sights or any other sights for that matter, recently the companies are making their mini version too, which made me wonder if it’s the new era for sight or scopes?

I don’t want to sound too dramatic so I’ll leave it there. But many people can’t. They are asking all sorts of question like “Will they be as good as their bigger counterparts which we are used to seeing on our rifle and other big firearms?” or “Which one is the best mini reflex sight of all?”


Answers to the question

First one is more like a general question and I think yes, it’ll work just fine as their bigger counterpart of rifle and heavy arms. You should remember that companies are not making the mini reflex sight to save production cost by using less material and poor quality. It’s just the same technology that usual reflex sights work with but only at a miniature size for handguns.

As for the second question, this is what I’m going to answer on the rest of the article.


Which one is the best mini reflex sight of all?

This is a very specific question that doesn’t have a specific answer.

First of all, the best for me or for anyone doesn’t necessarily have to work for everyone. It’s simple, I am fine with toast with peanut butter and jelly in the morning but PB&J is not everyone’s favorite. Some might even hate it for its taste where I love it for that exact taste. That’s why there is no global “best mini reflex sight” that I can talk about.

But I can share my opinions on a few of the best mini reflex sight from the market. I’ll leave it till the review part on mini reflex sight is published but what I’m trying to say is, I can share my opinion, not tell you exactly what you need to buy.

Another thing I can do for you is discuss the criteria that I use to measure a mini reflex to see if it’s even worth it or not.


What makes the best mini reflex sight?

Here are the feats of a miniature reflex sight that shows if it is the best mini reflex sight or not. Please note that the consideration or characteristics may be different for each person but this is wholly my criteria to judge a mini reflex sight to evaluate its worth in my collection.

Compact Size: The very first thing you need to look for in a mini reflex sight is the “mini” part. If the mini reflex sight you want to buy is as bulky as the one used in rifles, there’s no reason for you to even consider buying it. It simply won’t work.

The best mini reflex sight should not be baggy or bulky like a regular rifle scope. The point of having mini reflex sights is that we get the compact feature of the popular brands, carved into a smaller body. That’s why it shouldn’t be like the regular ones.

The width of the best mini reflex sight shouldn’t be more than the pistol’s itself. If it’s way wider for your handgun, it’s not meant for it and that’s not the best mini reflex sight for you.

Lightweight constriction: Weight is a major factor to decide if a mini reflex sight is worth spending your money or not. Majority of the people might not realize it as clearly as a professional would do but weight has a lot to do with the precision of aiming. A heavy reflex sight is not only going to give you additional weight on the gun but also make it difficult to handle the recoil. That’s why the best mini reflex sight should be lightweight along with being compact in size.

Performance & Construction: The lightweight construction should not affect the overall performance and construction durability of the unit. If the unit cannot perform well, there’s no use of even buying it in the first place.

Size of the reticle: This will depend on how you use the handgun or pistol of yours. Do you use it for long distance shooting or for close targeting? If you are aiming at the target at a distance, a small reticle will be appropriate as it won’t take much space in the view field and give you a better view of the distant target. Otherwise, a larger one will be perfect for close combat.

Brightness of the reticle: No matter what size the reticle is – you should not compromise on the brightness for the reticle. Never buy a reflex sight that is not bright enough to see in the daylight. Make sure the dot is well-visible in the night and in shining day.

Adjustability: Adjustability is an important factor to use the best mini reflex sight efficiently. Even if you bought the best mini reflex sight form the market, it won’t be much of your use unless you have some adjustment option. For instance, a good sight should have the adjustability to increase the brightness or intensity of the dot along with having the windage and elevation adjustment options.



No matter how much I talk about the best mini reflex sight and the features it should have, the decision to buy one will eventually fall upon you. That’s why you need to know the reasons for your purchase in the first place because these reasons and the applications will affect your buying choice directly. So write down the possible situations (hunting, target practice; daylight, nigh time, etc.) you’ll be using it and then compare both the situations and the features I just explained above against each mini reflex sight you intend to buy. This will make it easier for you to make a reasonable decision.