Due to a pricing strategy called dynamic pricing, the cost of game tickets can change on a daily basis. This is a pricing strategy used by several industries such as the hotel business, airlines, and other commodity industries. This means that several factors affect the cost of the ticket price in real time.

Why do sports venues use this pricing strategy? Well, they have found that they actually increase revenue when they tested the strategy. People are already familiar with this strategy since it is used by several other available industries and people enjoy finding deals. So when you need to buy a ticket for your team’s next game, ShooWin offers you factors to look for that could affect the cost of your ticket.


Team matchup

Being aware of who your team is playing and how well your own team is doing could help determine if the price of your ticket will be lower or higher. If the game is predicted to be a nail biter you will probably end up paying more due to the demand of wanting to see the game in person.

If your team is a popular team with a national following you may be stuck with paying higher ticket prices. This is due to the value of the ticket being perceived as being higher due to their popularity. You may get lucky and when your popular team is playing a losing or unpopular team you could save a few bucks.

If the opposing team, or your team is on a winning streak you can bet your ticket will be a bit higher as well. The demand goes up, therefore, prices do as well.

Of course, games that are during March Madness, Superbowl, World Series and the like are going to have inflated prices. Though these games are highly sought after, if you are trying to save money on tickets it could be very difficult. Going to an early game of a team that is not predicted to win, or isn’t doing well, could help to save money and offer more probability that you can score a ticket before it is sold out.

If you want to save money on tickets, picking games with opponents who are not as popular, not predicted to do well, or the game is not predicted to be an edge of your seat game are great options.


The weather

The weather will affect the pricing of tickets as well. If there is inclement weather many people may decide not to go. The stadium or arena have to get people in the seats so they will often offer a cheaper ticket price.

Now, you have to decide which is better for you, being comfortable while enjoying the game or maybe dealing with rain or snow but saving a bit of money to put back in your pocket?

Some helpful hints: if you plan to go to a game during a heat advisory you may check your venues website for any regulation changes. Often times sports venues dont allow for outside drink. However, many may allow one sealed water bottle when there are high heat advisories.

If deciding to go to an outdoor game during a storm that could have lightening be prepared for a delay. Bring something to keep you occupied or just enjoy the company of the friends and family who came with you.

Date of the game

Many people wait to go to sports games til the weekend due to work and the responsibilities of daily life. Games can last a long time and being tired the next day at work is sometimes not worth it(sometimes).

However, if you want to save a little money on your ticket then it is definitely something to think about and plan for. Game tickets during the week are not as sought after as weekend games. If you think about Sunday night football, this is when everyone makes more of an effort to watch the game in person and on tv. That means higher prices for tickets than Monday.


Buy closer to game time

Waiting until game day or close to it may seem like a risky strategy and it is. If you think the game is going to be sold out then this may not be useful for you as ticket prices will probably rise closer to the game, due to demand.

If the game isn’t going to sell out this could be a great strategy to find cheaper tickets. Not only at the box office, but also on secondary marketplace sites. The seats need to be filled so the price will be driven down.

Secondary ticket marketplace sites let people sell their unwanted tickets. Often times people are desperate to get something back on the tickets they bought but couldn’t use. Meaning you can find a better deal.

Taking advantage of scalp-free zones, if your sports venue has one, is also a great option to buy on game day if the game is not a high demand game. If your arena or stadium does not have a scalp free zone this is much riskier and could cause you to end up with unusable or fake tickets. This also goes for sites such as Craigslist or Facebook as they don’t protect the buyers from scams.


Pick your seat wisely

We all know that seats closer to the action are usually more expensive. So when wanting to find a great deal, find sections that are less desirable. Though this may mean you are further away from the field or court, you will be able to save some money. Plus some fans prefer a more birds-eye view as they are able to see the full play and not miss a thing.

Taking advantage of dynamic pricing is sure to save you money. Knowing which games are less desirable, what the weather will be like, or waiting for the day of the game are great strategies for finding ticket deals.