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Making the Most of Bonus Bets

So you want to get more money from those bonus offers? Sure, that is a possibility, but you have to play smartly. Bookmaking is a competitive industry, and so many online exchanges often offer bonus bets and other promotions when you sign up with them for the first time. Obviously, they do it to attract you, but how can you ensure that you utilise all of these, and actually make some real money? Read on to find out. The Simple Strategy The most basic strategy in the book is to place bonus bets at fairly low odds, around $1.50...

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Could the Patriots sign Garoppolo to a long-term deal?

Would Jimmy Garoppolo sign an extension with the New England Patriots? Talk about a curve most wouldn’t expect—but then again, is it really so crazy given the seemingly endless rich-get-richer vibe around the Patriots? Maybe not. And Garoppolo didn’t exactly slam the door shut on the idea in a recent interview, according to’s Chris Wesseling: “I’ll entertain any possibility,” Garoppolo explained. “I’m not really thinking about it too much right now. There’s just so much going on with OTAs and training camp right around the corner. That’s where my focus is. We’ll cross that bridge when we get...

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