Author: @benwrench

Musings from the EPL – Week 2

KANE BREAKS AUGUST DUCK Embed from Getty Images Does anybody know The Simpsons well enough to remember the song at the end of Homer at the Bat? If so then sing-a-long: Well Harry Kane had done it He’d only gone and won it He scored in August now we can all smile In the bottom corner with some style …. and so on. That puts to bed the latest ridiculous EPL witch’s curse surrounding players whose inability to perform every week can’t be explained by standard rationale. Harry Kane had never scored a Premier League goal in the month...

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Fantasy Draft Day Recap

IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR Well folks, can you believe it? The Draft for the inaugural Boston Sports Extra Fantasy Football took place in July! Setting records as the earliest recorded draft for a fantasy football season and somewhat last minute in the grand scheme of things. We’d been ‘umming and ‘arring for weeks without a hint of anticipation until suddenly, with minor amounts of warning, it was decided: “draft tonight, who’s in?” “Andy had an amazing draft, one for the ages.” Nine-thirty was the agreed time until it was moved to 2145 so people could trade their draft...

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ALL GOOD THINGS… Anybody who is up-to-date will know; the Jedi Order is at risk. This doesn’t mean the end of lightsabers, good guys, the Force, etc. The Force is not only used by the Jedi, just ask a Sith, or Ahsoka Tano. What do Jedi Knights have to do with cheerleading? Well, the Force will carry on just fine without the Jedi religion, in the same way the NFL will continue when cheerleading has gone. The recent disputed revelations about the treatment of the Washington Redskins’ cheerleaders can mean only one thing: it is time for cheerleading, in...

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Jagged Island for Jacksonville’s Jags?

Shahid Khan, the owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars, wishes to buy Wembley Stadium. This is seen by many as a major step in moving the Jags to London; an admirable goal which isn’t as crazy as initial thoughts would have you believe. They have built up a large fan base in Britain and due to the size of the United States NFL teams already have to fly to many away games. He also owns Fulham Football Club, but he’s not going to move the team from Craven Cottage because A, it’s not in Fulham, and B, they’d never fill...

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Behold the Beltline

FASHION BEFORE FUNCTION Complete disclosure: I am a field hockey player. I also go cycling and dabble in the occasional 5k run. You know what I never think about during those activities? How I wish I were wearing a belt. Amongst what separates baseball from all other widely popular sports on this Earth is that the players don fine, supple, luxurious leather belts. I don’t know if they’re Italian leather, but that would be my preference. Embed from Getty Images As the Franklin Sports website says, “…every baseball player needs a belt”. The question is why? If I was...

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Can Perfection Be Achieved?

A SLIGHT WOBBLE On this morning it said ‘A’s hand Red Sox another loss on late HR’. Oh how some pounce on aberrations. Another loss? Another? I don’t think we’re in the spiral of failure yet. The Red Sox are 17-4, and are playing with a style and confidence that makes you think we’re going to win every game. Until the last two nights, when a no-hitter and a Khris (that’s not how you spell Chris, FYI) Davis shot spoiled the party. A colleague recently asked if anybody was going to give the Sox a decent game; one...

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