Author: Thomas Howland

The Patriots Get Their Mojo Back

It’s happening again Patriots fans. When that familiar feeling comes back, when what was old is new again. Do you remember, after the tuck rule game, before the match-up with the Rams? When Vegas thought so little of the Patriots they installed them as 14 point dogs in the Super Bowl? This was when the Patriots were at their ‘us against the world’ best. They lost that mojo, after trainers and spending time with family seemed more important than football. After Jimmy G and Gronk and going up the back stairs to the owner. But the Patriots have it back, and it will carry them to another Championship.

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Forget Kimbrel, Sign Kelvin Herrera

Mainly due to a lack of suiters, there is plenty of speculation that Craig Kimbrel is bound to come back to the Red Sox. But Kimbrel’s weaknesses haven’t disappeared. He will still be pricey, even at a reduced rate. Kelvin Herrera, however, is also sitting out there. And his experience and value could be priceless to the Sox.

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Patriots Finally Have The Motivation They Need

The sky is falling for the Patriots.  Just as people have started to come to terms with the loss to the Steelers, Josh Gordon is taking his ball and going home.  In fact, this bad news is finally enough to get Belichick’s bedrock philosophy back in vogue.  Bulletin board material is back, and just in time too.

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Red Sox Hot Stove And Related News

The Red Sox Hot Stove has burned out.  Dave Dombrowski recently noted that the free-agent market has slowed down significantly the past two years.  He’s in favor of a free-agency deadline of some sort to spurn action.  Dave Dombrowski is right.  With that in mind, here is some recent interesting MLB news, and how it affects the Red Sox.

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Curt Schilling Belongs In The Hall Of Fame

The 2018 MLB Winter Meetings are happening, and there are rumors about deals and free agent signings everywhere.  Beneath all that buzz, the Hall Of Fame vote lurks.  On January 22, 2019, the 2019 Baseball Hall Of Fame class announcement occurs.  Curt Schilling will not be matriculating.  Schilling is the equal of John Smoltz.  Smoltz sailed in on his first chance in 2015, while Schilling is still waiting.  Why is that?

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Nathan Eovaldi Is Back

The Red Sox have re-signed Nathan Eovaldi to a 4 year, $67.5 Million deal.  The Postseason horse is back in the barn.  Because of the lack of home grown talent, and a shallow free agent pool, this was a move the Red Sox needed to make.

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Get Noah Syndergaard On The Red Sox

The Mets are a little off their rocker, the Winter Meetings are coming up, and the Cardinals have stolen some National League thunder with the Paul Goldschmidt trade.  Nathan Eovaldi is back!  Now is the time for the Red Sox to strike.  Bring Noah Syndergaard to Boston.  A quick reminder: So…..Fenway was a sureal ballpark to pitch in…..from a childhood dream perspective……As visiting pitcher on a team and city I love…..#dontfreakout — Noah Syndergaard (@Noahsyndergaard) September 15, 2018 The Mets The Mets are in win-now mode with their strange reliance on 36 year old, recently PED suspended, Robinson Cano.  They...

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2019 Red Sox Free Agency: Get Cody Allen

The Red Sox bullpen is in flux for 2019.  Craig Kimbrel is out there asking for a 6-year deal, which the Red Sox will never give him.  Joe Kelly is also a free agent, and his performance doesn’t exactly inspire.  Because an already bloated Red Sox payroll, it’s looking like a budget bullpen piece is the answer.  The place to go is Cody Allen. Cody Allen Performance Between the years of 2014 and 2017, Cody Allen was one of the best closers in the game.  He averaged 32 saves a year as the anchor of a star-studded bullpen that...

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Pete Rose Should Be Back In Baseball

Gambling has become more and more acceptable in society in light of the Supreme Court decision to strike down the 1992 law that prohibited sports betting in many states.  In light of this, and Major League Baseball getting into bed with MGM Resorts, it’s time to welcome back Pete Rose into Baseball’s good graces.

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Vote Roger Clemens Into The Hall Of Fame

When we pull out the winter coats and see our heating bills rise, the Baseball Hall of Fame announcement is soon to follow.  This year is year 7 of 10 for Roger Clemens.  This is a man with 7 Cy Young awards and 354 wins.  So why isn’t he in the Hall Of Fame right now?

We all know the answer to that question.  His PED use.  Or his alleged PED use.  That story is so overdone and convoluted I’m not going to dive into it here.  Instead I’m going to go through a Red Sox fan’s journey to acceptance of The Rocket.

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Support Rob Manfred: Contact The MLBPA About Pace Of Play

Rob Manfred is about to get a contract extension to remain The Commissioner of Major League Baseball for another 5 years.  That is outstanding news for all baseball fans, because Mr. Manfred is a man on a mission to save our beautiful game.

And why does our game need saving?  Because ratings and attendance are down, more every year.  How is it that the World Series between Boston and LA, two historical franchises, had reduced ratings of 20% over the prior year?  Because people hate the Red Sox.  Oh, and it takes too long.  The game simply takes too long.

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Red Sox Free Agency 2019: Does Charlie Morton Compare to Nathan Eovaldi?

One of the surprises of the 2019 Free Agency crop in Major League baseball is that Charlie Morton is available.  The Astros did not sign him before he hit free agency and they did not extend him a qualifying offer.

Why does that matter to the Red Sox?  Because Nathan Eovaldi is suddenly starting to attract attention in the market.  A quick google search will show the Yankees’ interest.  And shockingly, curve ball enthusiast Lance McCullers is going to miss the 2019 season for the Astros due to Tommy John Surgery.  According to many, this puts Eovaldi on the Astros list.

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Red Sox Free Agency 2019: Is Marwin Gonzalez A Fit?

When last we gazed on the 2018 Red Sox, the view was majestic.  But the 2018 season is over, and second base is a need.  Could Marwin Gonzalez meet that need? On The Roster Now For over 10 years, Dustin Pedroia was the guardian of second base and the second spot in the batting order for the Red Sox.  Before the dark times, before Manny Machado. But let’s not be too harsh.  Machado’s spike and the aftermath, it could be argued, ended with the Sox getting Alex Cora.  That’s a great thing! Pedroia is making a lot of money. ...

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The 2019 Red Sox Bullpen: The Craig Kimbrel Question

There are changes coming to the 2019 Red Sox Bullpen.  Yesterday I took a look at Joe Kelly.  The biggest piece, closer Craig Kimbrel, is today’s focus..  Is he worth paying to keep and what are some options out there? Craig Kimbrel In 2017 Craig Kimbrel was the 800 lb gorilla of all time Red Sox closers.  5-0 with 35 saves and a 1.43 ERA.  If he had been given more opportunity I’m sure he would’ve had even more saves. Using a 3 year average is an attempt to have some perspective, but in Kimbrel’s case the 2017 season...

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The 2019 Red Sox Bullpen: Joe Kelly or David Robertson

Kelly had an indelible stamp on the 2018 team.  He started the year by blowing game 1.  He became Jim Buchanon and started a Joe Kelly Fight Club faze when he called out Tyler Austin of the Yankees.  Then he became an afterthought and albatross around the neck of the bullpen as the summer dragged on.

But then, in the playoffs, the mid-bullpen became a strength, because he became a strength.  In six innings in the World Series he had a 0.00 ERA and 10 strikeouts.  That is domination.

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Boston Red Sox World Series Championship Game 5 Recap

The 2018 World Champion Boston Red Sox beat the Los Angeles Dodgers in Game 5 and cemented their status as the most dominant team in baseball. Steve Pearce This was a win that felt inevitable from the first pitch.  Thanks to World Series MVP Steve Pearce it pretty much was. Over 3 at bats at the end of game 4 and the beginning of game 5 Pearce was unstoppable.  2 Home Runs, a Double, and 6 RBI.  He threw in another homer in the 8th to put the cherry on top of this Championship. Turns out that kind of performance puts you shoulder to shoulder with MLB Legends.  Here’s a couple of facts that stand out. Steve Pearce joins Babe Ruth in 1927 and Lou Gehrig in 1928 with at least one home run and three RBI in back to back World Series Games. Pearce, Ruth, and Ted Kluszewski are the only players in history to have a multiple home run game at age 35 or older in the World Series Pearce told Andrew Benintendi before the series started that he wanted to win World Series MVP so he could go to the owners’ box at a Patriots game and sit with Bob Kraft and Bon Jovi.  Mission accomplished my man. I thought this World Series would invoke Legends, little did I know Steve Pearce would join them. David...

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David Price, Red Sox Win, Game 2 Recap

The Boston Red Sox beat the Los Angeles Dodgers in Game 2 of the World Series.  David Price was locked in, the relentless 2 out offense was in bloom, and now the Sox have a 2-0 lead.

We’re not in the peak Eck ‘Time To Party’ zone yet, but man oh man are we getting close!

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Alex Cora, Right Again

It’s Alex Cora’s world.  We’re all just living in it.

Cora continues to absolutely dunk on his managerial opponents, including in the 2018 World Series.

This game is a prime example of his managerial domination.  By the time the 7th inning was over, Dave Roberts had used all of his bench players and the game was effectively over.

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