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Did Stanton pack his bags yet? Because on social media yesterday in the baseball hot stove world, it really seemed like it. Pure chaos. Every person was a Stanton expert. Every person had a “source.” This led to a lot of posts speculating on his desired location before any actual confirmation of what he actually said came out. For example, an article put on a certain website that started a majority of the uproar yesterday was posted from a complete non-credible source. Not naming the writer, but his bio on his unverified Twitter read all about his glory as...

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RED SOX HOT STOVE: Who Could Be Leaving Boston

Every morning I look out my window, see a dark gloomy sky and realize there is no baseball on for the next few months. I watched a rerun of the Red Sox getting spanked in Game 1, against the Astros, in the ALDS. Why? If you clicked on this article, much like myself, you’re missing baseball. Although the offseason is not that good, it’s not that bad since the Hot Stove for trade rumors is constantly on broil. Since this team is not the top World Series team going into the season, there are some pieces that need to be moved...

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Red Sox Signing Tony La Russa is HUGE

Quick little post here. When the Sox lost their final game, I tweeted (@goudtweets) I believed the Red Sox needed a veteran in their system. One who has been “there” before. Vague I know, but my mind was thinking of a certain list of players. At the top was Yadier Molina. Boston fans remember him as the pesky, clinical, defensive catcher for every amazing Cardinals team since 2004. You remember his manager? Fast-forward to the World Series game 7 finale last night. I receive a notification that said something along the lines of what this most recent Red Sox tweet says:...

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MLB Best World Series: Top 10 Teams That Haven’t Won Since 1992

When the champagne is popped at the end of the MLB season, there is one team that stays dry. It only seems fitting on the day when the Dodgers or Astros will end their season with a loss in Game 7, that I put this piece together. There are so many incredible teams that have made it to the World Series, then not been rewarded for their work. It is quite specific, but 1992 is a nice benchmark of teams we all loved to watch. So let’s see what teams made the cut. *DISCLAIMER* This is my opinion. The opinion...

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Juiced Baseballs, Who Really Cares?

Quick Flashback If you’re a late 80’s to 90’s baby, there is a good chance you grew up watching the steroid era. We both remember watching titans like Jose Canseco walk up and turn balls into dust. Barry Bonds sending 600-foot nuclear attacks into the cove, then come back to the dugout like it was a routine flip to second. These guys were animals. Until we started scratching our heads and doing some digging, it was the best entertainment for sports television. Who is juiced now? (Youtube: Evan William)   Whole new ballgame? Fans who watch closely know this season had the...

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