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Patriots vs. Chiefs: AFC Title Game Preview

Every dominant athlete has had a weakness in their career. Whether it be a venue or exploitable trait, no athlete is perfect. LeBron James could not win in Boston, until he created two separate super teams in Miami and Cleveland. Roger Federer has a difficult time playing on the clay at the French Open. Clayton Kershaw crumbles during the postseason, especially on the road. For Tom Brady, it’s playing in three specific cities: Denver, Miami, and Kansas City. On Sunday, Brady will attempt to win only his second game ever at Arrowhead Stadium. This time, however, he and the...

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Tom Brady is not falling off a cliff

If you were to walk into the 2018 season last week during the playoffs, without any previous knowledge, you would have thought the end was here in New England. There have always been talks of the sky falling in Foxboro, but it has never come to fruition. After 2014 Week 4 in Kansas City and last years Super Bowl, “the end” rumors were at an all time high. However, this past week it was an incessant streamline of talking heads and T.V. hosts all saying the same thing: “Tom Brady and the Patriots are done.” Well, in usual GOAT...

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Chargers vs. Patriots: Divisional Round Preview

The 2007 Patriots are remembered as one of the most dominant teams in NFL history, and rightfully so. It marked the beginning of the Age of the Quarterback, with Tom Brady setting passing and scoring records, with his ever so reliable go to receiver Randy Moss doing the same. The NFL had never seen an offense quite like New England’s and it was an unstoppable freight train until one fateful night in Glendale, Arizona. There were a few scares throughout the season, especially on a frigid Monday night against the Ravens in Baltimore where old friend Rex Ryan called...

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