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UNIFORMS, WE TALKIN´ UNIFORMS On Friday, the NIKE announced The New NBA STATEMENT Uniforms. A new STATEMENT! #NIKExNBA — NBA (@NBA) September 16, 2017 NIKE also debuted the Connected Jersey, which features a NFC chip. Once you have downloaded the NIKE app, it´ll unlock exclusive content for that player. Using new NikeConnect technology, each adult-sized Nike NBA Connected Jersey will have an embedded NFC (near field communication) chip that will launch real-time team and player content such as pregame arrival footage, highlight packages and top players’ favorite music playlists – all on the jersey owner’s mobile device. Throughout...

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Training Camp and Media Day

BASKETBALL IS BACK The entire Isaiah and Kyrie trade happened about a month ago.  And now we are just nine days away from media day on Sept. 25 Via Celtics Blog: Celtics officially announce Media Day for Sept. 25. We're just 10 days away people! — CelticsBlog (@celticsblog) September 15, 2017 Even more exciting news, Celtics will start training camp just a day later, Sept. 26th. Celtics will go on the road to build some chemistry for training camp. Three days in Newport, RI starting on Sept. 26. — Brian Robb (@BrianTRobb) September 15, 2017 MEDIA DAY AND PHOTO...

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Marcus Smart Drops 20 Pounds Over the Summer

Celtics G Marcus Smart, has been in the gym all off season trying to improve his game, and dropped 20 pounds in the process.  So this means Marcus was around 240 pounds last season. That’s a outrageous weight for a guard. Marcus Smart says he's lost 20 pounds this summer. Now weighs 219 lbs. "I've been in the gym non-stop. It's a new me. I'm more explosive." — Taylor C. Snow (@taylorcsnow) September 6, 2017 Via Boston Globe “I’ve been in the gym nonstop, been eating right, making sure my body’s right,” Smart said on Wednesday during a visit to...

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Just a couple weeks ago I was breaking down this Celtics roster that very much included Isaiah Thomas on it. Two weeks later and I’m here thinking, what’s next season starting lineup? That’s 4 starters gone, in 1 offseason. Avery traded to the Pistons for Morris, Amir (yes, I know, but he still was a starter for most of the regular season), Jae the Bae Crowder and the mighty one, IT. Plus Olynyk, Jerebko, James Young, Jordan Mickey, Jackson. That’s a complete roster turnaround. Only Brown, Smart, Rozier and Al left from the ECF team. That’s madness! We are talking about the...

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