Author: @sheilladingus

Tensions Build in Aaron Hernandez’s Daughter’s Quest to Hold the NFL Accountable for Her Father’s CTE

Following the release of Jose Baez’s book on Aaron Hernandez’s final days, several erroneous reports have surfaced regarding a lawsuit against the Patriots. That information is incorrect.  The initial lawsuit against the Patriots and NFL was withdrawn. On October 16, 2017 Shayanna Jenkins Hernandez filed a loss of parental consortium lawsuit in Massachusetts Superior Court against three NFL entities and helmet maker Riddell on behalf of her daughter, Avielle. Two potentially important recent court filings the case back into focus.

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Please Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid!

There’s a $500 million pitcher of Kool-Aid making the rounds and numerous people including many in media have been consuming it in unhealthy quantities to the detriment of credibility. Recently Co-Lead Class Counsel for the NFL Concussion Settlement, Chris Seeger, mixed up an especially sugary batch through a widely distributed press release… 

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