Author: Tyler Barr

7 Tips to Improve Baseball Hitting

Baseball is a great game, and one enjoyed by many thousands of Americans. It’s not just fun to watch but also fun to play – especially if you  know the secret to hitting the ball well! You can purchase USA baseball bats here, and then you’ll be ready to use these seven great tips that will help you make sure you hit the ball the right way, so let’s get going!” Back Foot Position – before we go on to talk about your front foot, let’s consider the back foot. It’s just as important for getting the right stance, and if you get it right, will help you make the perfect hit. To achieve the rotation required, your back foot needs to be on its toe; this is for ample agility to make the strike. But, that comes in conjunction with what you do with your front so let’s have a look at that.Firm Front Side – to achieve the above you need to keep a firm front side. This means your front leg needs to be steadily planted – perhaps with a slight bend – so that you can keep your head movement to a minimum, and also any forward momentum you may feel. In this position, you can begin the essential rotation that incorporates the above back foot position.Palm up, Palm Down – this is the essential...

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How to Get Your Other Half Interested in Football

Are you a sports fanatic? Is football your game of choice and you just can’t seem to stop talking about it, watching it, and even playing it? If that’s the case, you can count yourself among the millions of other people who share that exact same passion. So, what happens if your love of football isn’t exactly blooming in your significant other? Does this mean you have to pursue this hobby and passion all on your own and not include them? Perhaps the solution lies in your approach, as there are a number of ways that you can get...

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