Author: @zack_bessette16

Does Kawhi Leonard Make the Raptors a Threat to the Celtics?

The big news of the day was that Kawhi Leonard is finally being shipped out of San Antonio en route to Toronto. This move is set to shake up the Eastern Conference in a major way. But are the young and talented Boston Celtics any less likely now to see their way into an NBA Finals bout with the big, bad Warriors? Absolutely not. There’s no denying that Leonard is an all-NBA, all-world talent who can dominate on both ends of the court. Adding a wingman like that would bolster every roster in the league not already housing LeBron...

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Top 5 Ways the Red Sox Should Improve the Bullpen

We’re now officially in the dog days of summer, and a familiar weakness has been glaring for the current Red Sox roster: the bullpen. Earlier this morning, the Sox announced the activation of Tyler Thornburg, who has spent close to eternity on the DL since being traded from the Milwaukee Brewers in 2016. Thornburg will surely bring a new presence to the ‘pen, but the problems run a bit deeper than one man can fix. In order for the Sox to sure up their suspect bullpen, a few key moves need to be made. The race for the pennant...

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Making the Case: Andrew Benintendi Should Start in the All-Star Game

The 2018 MLB All-Star game is just over a few weeks away and the position players are beginning to solidify their spots as the top vote-getters. On a yearly basis, the fans seems to get it right; even the players from small market teams that are deserving of starting spots over household names tend to find their way into the starting lineup. But this year, there are a couple of glaring holes in the voter’s tallies, none more than the unspeakable lies being forecasted in the American League outfield column. Sure, Mookie Betts and Mike Trout have earned their...

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Red Sox Prized Prospect Injured in Second Game

The 2018 MLB Draft marked the beginning of the Red Sox rebuilding of their farm system. Boston made a few big-time splashes in the early rounds, including the widely heralded best closer in collegiate baseball in Durbin Feltman. Boston also selected a New Jersey high school standout in Nick Decker, and perhaps their biggest splash of all, the left-handed 18-year-old slugger from southern Florida, Triston Casas. With the 26th pick in the first round, the Sox snagged Casas, who many scouts and analysts had taken ten picks prior on their mock drafts. Embed from Getty Images Already dreaming about being...

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