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Stop It: Chris Sale Will Be Fine

All over the airwaves I’m hearing concern about Chris Sale. His velocity was the lowest of his career last start. You can’t pay Frank Tanana or Jamie Moyer or Koji Uehara $30 Million a year. He’s got to be injured.

Would the Red Sox let Chris Sale pitch if he were injured? Not a chance. They shut him down the whole second half last year because of shoulder discomfort. Every single pitcher in baseball has shoulder discomfort. Cora and his merry men would not risk Sale’s health.

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Red Sox Confused, Worried, Anxious

Have you ever been in a workplace where one person was promoted while another was passed over? Have you ever lost out to someone else when pursuing the same romantic connection? Have you ever worried about your future? The impending deadline for many Red Sox contracts is the elephant in the room. Here are the dynamics.

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Random Red Sox of the Day: Tim Naehring

“Random Red Sox of the Day” is a new series of articles I will be periodically writing. This one is the first installment in the series. Random doesn’t mean they weren’t good, just that they aren’t names you will hear come up often in this day and age. Tim Naehring, for instance, was a good player for the Red Sox who seemingly adding to his game every season until an elbow injury ended his career prematurely.

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Red Sox Opening Day – A Wake Up Call

Well that was a dud. Chris Sale was bad, the bullpen was bad, the bats only managed 4 runs in a 12-4 loss. But this isn’t about injury, and it’s not about punching holes in the teams’ talent. This was a wake up call for a team coming off arguably the most historic season in it’s 117 year history.

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Mookie Betts Is The Best Value In Baseball

Yesterday the New York Post’s Joel Sherman detailed how much money Mookie Betts has turned down in recent years. Mookie then gave an interview to Red Sox reporters this morning detailing how he loves it here, but will be going to free agency instead of signing a long term deal. Cue the hang wringing all across Red Sox Nation. But the fact Mookie is going year to year for the next two years makes him the greatest value in the majors right now.

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7 Tips to Improve Baseball Hitting

Baseball is a great game, and one enjoyed by many thousands of Americans. It’s not just fun to watch but also fun to play – especially if you  know the secret to hitting the ball well! You can purchase USA baseball bats here,...

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