CompTIA Network+ certification applied for the network technicians of the Mid-Level. The exam had been designed to check the ability of the technicians of the Mid-Level network in support of the TCP/IP clients. It stands applicable for cabling, hardware setup network design, support, installation, troubleshooting and so on.

CompTIA known as the Computing Technology Industry Association was formerly known as ABCD: The Microcomputer Industry Association.

CompTIA Network+ N10-007 exam

This exam all kind of questions on various levels such as traditional, identification of the problem and situational. It is open to anyone. However, it should be taken by anyone who has a proper knowledge of the job experience for at least 18 months. The participating candidate should also have some knowledge in the same field or maybe A certification.

It checks the various ability of the participating contestant in the various fields of networking such as troubleshooting, installation, maintenance, supporting a network and understanding the different aspects of networking technology such as OSI model and even TCP/IP. The exam also required taking a test on the network components and their functioning in relation to the OSI model, network troubleshooting, network cabling, and network security.

Why should you pass CompTIA Network+ N10-007 exam?

The CompTIA Network+ N10-007 exam enables the candidates to form a career in IT infrastructure which includes configuration, network management, and troubleshooting.

Taking the CompTIA Network+ Exam will help you with several things:

A wide range of job opportunities

Due to the growing popularity of the IT sector, the technicians are in huge demand. As a result, it has become compulsory for the professionals to take the certification. Most of the time, the companies hire certified professionals as compared to those of the non-professionals.


Network+ certification has become one of the popular fields in the IT sector drawing the attention of several people. If you get certified, the high chances are that you will get several opportunities to expand your skills.

Building a solid foundation of knowledge and skills

The certification enables the participating professionals to develop their knowledge and skills. This will prove to be beneficial for them in their long caterer. Although starting off with the high Certification level can seem to be a timesaver, it may often lead to delay in your time. This is because you may not know the basics. Without proper knowledge of the basics, you are sure to lack in the higher level knowledge.

Get Extra Credit

Getting CompTIA Network+ certified can offer you a lot of benefits. Several multinational and big companies like Cisco, Novell, HP, and Microsoft recognize the importance of CompTIA certification in association with their own tracks. There are several other universities and colleges that can offer credits to their students for attaining the CompTIA certification.

Improves your confidence and credibility

The CompTIA Network+ N10-007 exam can be of great help in improving your confidence. This is the most important for the ones who are new in the IT field as it helps to boost the confidence for them. Having a certification will help you determine that you know what you validate in and what you take. This gives your career your boost and assures more credibility to your career.

High salary and several career opportunities

Several companies and organizations recognize the importance of CompTIA certification. Before appointing certain IT professionals in particular job opportunities, the companies make it important to get the certification. Several job opportunities also require the certification to be a basic requirement. Researches have also shown that the certified professionals are often paid more than that of the non-certified IT professionals.

Career Scope

The Network+ N10-007 exam enables you to become several certified professionals such as Help Desk Technician, Backup Administrator, Network Administrator, Remote Support Technician, Systems Architect Network Security Speciality, Help Desk Administrator, Information Security Specialist and many more.

Network Configuration

Once you become Network+ certified, you become able to understand and distinguish between the benefits as well as the drawbacks of the various network configurations. It can prove to be beneficial for improving your IT sector career.

Virtualized networks

Not many may know, but through the course of becoming Network+ certified professional, you will learn the concept of virtualized networks. This will, this proves to be beneficial for you in the further run for the creation of virtualized networks.

Network traffic

Getting Network+ certification will enable you to manage the network traffic in the existing programs. The networking course is to make you understand the various practice devices which will enable you to manage switches and routers. This will help you understand the network traffic and enhance the resilient network configurations.

Tips for passing the Network+ N10-007 Exam

This is one of the essential upgraded exams.

Before you start preparing for your exam, you will need to find the relevant books and study materials. You should check for them online as well as offline. You should be more focused on hooks regarding the CompTIA Network+ N10-007 practice test.

Join a class

If you have a budget and time, you should start taking up a class. Interacting with the same people as that of you can help you prepare in a proper way. Such an environment will help you get through the process. Also, if you have weak areas, the tutors can help you overcome it.

Prepare your practice areas

You can sit and prepare your own practice areas. There are several websites that offer questions that offer free questions to prepare. You may also use the internet for finding out the correct answer. Although you won’t have a calculator during the test, it can prove to be helpful while the training period.

Books to read

  • CompTIA Network+ Cert Guide by Anthony Sequeira
  • CompTIA Network+ N10-007 Exam Cram, 6th Edition


You should prepare for the exam thoroughly. This will help you get through the course. CompTIA Network+ N10-007 exam is one of the toughest to get through. Nonetheless, proper preparation can help you get through it. This a globally recognized certification that can help you get a job at reputable companies.