Gillette Stadium seats approximately 66,000 people.  As, a lifelong New Englandah’ I will describe with confidence the exact experience that about half of those ticket holders will endure. This coming Thursday, our Super Bowl Champion Patriots take the field to kick off the 2017 NFL season.

Am I making some biased judgements and stereotyping about our fans?  You betcha.  Am I accurate?  Yes, yes I am.  (Remember that Saturday Night Live skit?  It’s pretty much like that with a football game included)

The average Patriots fan’s game day experience

Fan’s Name: Jimmy “Murph” Murphy

Occupation: Verizon Technician

Hometown: Weymouth, Massachusetts

September 7th, 2017


Murph texts his game buddies some ridiculous motivational message like “GameDay bitches” or “#LetsGO


Snoozing in his Verizon truck counting the minutes until he can duck out of work


Crushes a Subway Italian B.M.T. bragging to his fellow lineman ‘How f*cked up he is gonna get at the game‘ and probably will be ‘”bangin’ in sick on Friday

Lyin’ to go to the Rayzah ain’t a lie


Punches out early and races home


Pulls in to Kappy’s Liquors.  Grabs two 30 racks of Bud Heavies, a bottle of Fireball for the game and a tallboy Heineken single for the ride to the house.


Slaps on his “vintage” Doug Flutie Patriots jersey to complement his Lee carpenter jeans and Timberland workbooks (take a few hits off the bong while waiting for his jackass buddies to pick him up.  (“Where are these assholes?” mumbles to himself).


Jet Fuel?  Check.


Finishes packing cooler.  Grabs ticket.  Sitting on froth steps.  Two more beers imbibed during this ‘process.’


Murph’s buddies roll up to his house in a 2012 Ford F-150.  Truck is packed with a full tailgate spread, a TV and that bumper sticker of the guy pissing on a New York Yankees emblem.  Tobes, Dunny and, the driver, Moose are ready to roll.


Tobes spills beer and gets screamed at and mocked by the other three


Tobes: F*ck you guys.


Traffic on Route 1 sucks.  Dunny has to piss and they are not pulling over so he fills the empty Gatorade Skoal dip-spit bottle he found under the driver’s seat.  Pours said urine out drivers side window.  Some sprays on Moose.  Dope slap delivered to Dunny’s dome.


Enter Gillette parking lot.  Tailgate setup is down to a science.  Murph and Dunny immediately start playing 10-car length catch and do zero of the work.


Grill is lit, TV is on, crew is about nine-beer level and the insane statements and predictions begin.


“Edelman sucked anyway.”

“I heard Brady has hair plugs.”

“You get any of those Bahstool towels?”

“Goodell is a piece of sh%t.”



Beer goggles


Dunny attempts to ‘get some girls ovah heeya’.  


Murph throws up a little behind the truck.  Hides it from the boys.


‘We should get in there’.  Two beers shotgunned all around to get the buzz up knowing they are looking at $11 Bud Lights inside The Big Razor.


March in to Gillette begins.  Moose nearly gets in a fight with “some p#$$y with a Jets jersey on“.


Tobes forgot his ticket on the dashboard.  Has to run back.  Murph throws an 1/2 empty beer at him as he turns back.


Quick hit of the one-ie for Dunny.


Enter gates

Blitz for Six — it’s on


Stadium rocking.  Goodell hate-chants begin.

8:15 – 11:45PM

Banner, Anthem, and the complete dismantling of the Kansas City Chiefs

11:45PM – February 2018



P.S. Murph never made it to work the next day.