Cheating at poker isn’t a new trend but it has existed for quite some time. Games like Texas Hold’em and Seven Card Stud had organized cheating rings in 2003 and 2006. This helps you in securing maximum wins without your opponent’s suspicion.

And in this modern era, various poker platforms have bot programs that can see your cards and have you cheated. More so, you can play with marked cards that help you identify the cards that your opponents have.

Hence, this article brings you the smart ways on how you can cheat at playing poker and enjoy maximum wins.

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marked poker cards with invisible ink

  1. Soft Playing with Friendly Opponents

This is one of the most common cheating practices at poker. It happens when 2 or more players get together and they might be friends, couples, or relatives. They unite against a common opponent by playing soft with each other.

So, you can choose your friend, spouse, or relative and play softly against the other opponent and he or she loses the game to you.

  1. Creating A Bot to Perfectly Play for You

Creating a bot to play for you is becoming popular in the online poker arena. Wondering what they are? Bots are programs designed to come up with optimal decisions using the available information. So, by designing a bot, you can sit back and let it play on your behalf day and night.

This accumulates lots of cash because of the bot’s inherent edge over the human opponents. Moreover, bots tend to see all your opponents’ cards and this helps you in winning in high stake games without your opponent’s suspecting.

You can consistently win with the help of bots as they don’t get tired like human beings no matter how many games they play.

  1. Marking the Cards

marked poker cards for sale

barcode marked cards for poker scanner

Marking the poker cards helps you in figuring what cards your opponents have. The marked poker cards for sale are delicately marked that your opponents and the dealer can’t notice the defect. This helps you to make great winning moves.

You have the golden opportunity to carefully watch the cards as they are played around the table and other players pick them. Because you know each of the cards and you can make great moves against your opponents. Check out some offshore poker sites here.

  1. Late Chips Dumping

Late chips dumping during a tournament ensures that only one player takes the wins home. You first make a big re-raise for most of your chips and fold when your partner goes all in.

So, after your partner receives your gifted free chips, then he or she can use them to win big money. And you can later share when everything is done.

Best of all, it’s difficult to detect chip dumping by your opponents or dealer when done correctly. 

Secure Consistent Wins

Using unique moves at your poker game like embracing marked poker cards for sale is key to securing you consistent wins.