If you are a sports enthusiast and the need to travel or free up some space in your home has come up, you know that your gear is expensive and therefore needs the best possible storage solutions. Before you rent storage units for your gear, you should take special steps to ensure that your sports gear remains in perfect condition so that you can quickly get back to playing your sport of choice. Moreover, you want to make the most of your space to avoid renting multiple units. Here are some helpful tricks and tips to help make sure that your sports items are stored safely and economically.

Make sure everything is clean

Storing jerseys, helmet, and shoes while dirty is a terrible mistake as you will have a terrible time getting into your storage unit when it will be time to use it for the next tournament. Besides, would you not want to use it straight out of storage? Moreover, grass and oils could cause sensitive fabrics to break down while in storage, so launder it carefully to remove such dirt. If you are storing uniform, place it in space bags along with a drier sheet to ensure that they will not smell stale out of storage.

Remove the characteristic smell

Gear like helmets, shoulder pads, and shin guards cannot be thrown into the washer to get them clean, so how do you remove the accumulated smell of grass and sweat? Wipe them down with water and mild dish soap. After it is dry, place all the equipment in a garbage bag, then place a bowl with baking soda inside the bag. Ensure that the bag is not disturbed for about a week.Without touching the equipment, the baking soda will absorb all the smells!

How to keep the gear fresh:

Storage tends to impart a musty, stale smell on items, especially sports gear. Stop this from happening to your stuff by having a small box of baking soda, charcoal, or a commercial odor absorber in each bag.

Use laundry bags

Using laundry bags will help you spot the sports gear you need quickly and easily and grab it for the next game without having to dig through all the other items in your unit. Being able to identify what you are carrying is also helpful as it will minimize accidents that often accompany moving boxes and bags around. Laundry bags also do not consume much space, and you can thus hang, stash, or stack them.

Use bungee cord

 Bungee cords can be especially useful when you are storing items such as balls. With a few cords and a square frame, you can hook them to the top and bottom of the frame and get plenty of space to store balls of all sizes. Thus way, you will not have to stack your balls in a box or leave them on the floor where they could cause falls and consume space.


The following tips should help make sports equipment storage a breeze for you and your active friends.